That is why the cross border corporate princess so capricious

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circle of friends was 95 in the "magic department" scraper, facing Waterloo people began to question the so-called generation, personality in the business world position. In fact, it is not self willed, Princess House founder ten years only food, but that is not engaged in cross-border cross-border business. But in the selection, supply has real advantages, 70%-80% goods from the brand side direct procurement, in the new deal also said cross-border dignified and imposing live well.


founder Li Xiao


drove three hours to eat a bowl of noodles? This is my funny than

Princess homes founder Li Xiao insisted to do something of interest, in recent years about selling milk, diapers, he said: "my son’s diaper never change it a dozen times, also sold to others


"I often met some strange people, in order to eat a bowl of noodles in Hangzhou, drive 1.5 hours to Binjiang from the west wall eat a bowl of noodles, eat and then back to the west block 1.5 hours, and this’ I am also funny than". "

Li Xiaocong 2002 has been engaged in the food industry, founded in 2009, the bird’s nest Amoy brand Yan princess, since December 2013, Taobao sales in the first category in the bird’s nest, so in the business circle of a famous battle. At the beginning of 2015, Li Xiao broaden the category, created as "food imported duty-free shops" Princess house.

then Princess "all the way home to keep hanging open momentum, on-line the first month with 3 million yuan order transactions; 4 and a half months in a big promotion activities to achieve single day sales exceeded 1 million yuan; by the end of last year, the number of users reached 1 million 200 thousand, the average daily volume of orders (6000 single. Do the activities of more than 10 thousand single), the average customer price stability in the next 400 yuan.

the basic model is to create delicacy explosion models, a team tried most of the products in the category after recommend the best to eat. Compared to Jingdong, Taobao and other cross-border platform, we retain users’ killer ‘is a high degree of delicious." Li Xiao said.

To complete the

Princess home specific work by combining artificial selection, machine, data of the three. "APP just on the line, almost all members of platform selling products are" off again "; and then find out the most popular in the ‘come out’ products; but these are far from enough, Japan last year all the important large-scale food activities we have people in sometimes, home is the only Chinese lattice the company at the."

in addition, Li Xiao said the princess home selection should also follow the two principles. First, do not blindly pursue low-cost, but that is the same price among the best to eat, because the real chowhound price sensitivity is not high. Second, do not necessarily choose a strong brand. First, a strong brand is not necessarily good; second, such as Coca-Cola, a strong brand purchase >

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