Taobao shop novice how effective promotion baby

Taobao shop how to promote the effect, and now most of the promotion methods are not so effective. With the continuous improvement of Taobao, increasing the number of stores, the early years of QQ promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion and other network promotion techniques have become less effective.

want to know the most effective method of promotion, it is necessary to start from your customers to see where your customers like to visit. If you like to go to the forum, go to the forum to advertise, like to soak in the QQ group, then go QQ group advertising, but now these two methods almost to others with rotten, see the ad on the vexed. So you need to have a strategy for advertising skills, so that customers see your ad will not hate, and will like, after all, we will not run to see your ad fun.

it is recommended that you try to pay advertising, many shopkeepers are holding a sleight of hand mentality to do business, do not want to pay a penny, go to the free platform for promotion, finally did not earn a penny. Most people are the same thing as you think. There is no shortcut to do business, pay and harvest is proportional, so it is recommended to try to pay for advertising, because paid advertising is certainly better than free, occupy the best resources of a web site.

paid ads generally have two kinds of click paid advertising, monthly fee advertising


pay per click advertising is like Taobao, usually one click your store charge a few dollars, this kind of promotion effect is very good, is the high cost, one day will spend hundreds of thousands of pay per click advertising, do promotion, have a good demand for the product, must be the one and only the high profit the product, or even advertisement fee may not earn back

second is a monthly fee advertising, advertising is displayed in a web site, a certain amount of monthly charge. The most common example is the Xiaohua shopping network Taobao party, many sellers through Party Xiaohua shopping network promotion, his own shop hung, with the flow through the platform, is about 30 yuan a month fee, cost-effective, suitable for small sellers, as long as the product has the advantage, can be traded above ten single

every day

is now the most effective way to promote Taobao shop, hoping to bring more help to the novice seller.

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