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recently I read a few new blogger was discussed more and more bad of the independent blog circle, not caused by my thinking. We know that the domestic independent blog have their own domain name, space, procedures, have all kinds of technical knowledge, but also the same as websites "record", regulated, not only that will spend a lot of time code, so do independent blog website and the difference was not in fact independent bloggers is webmaster.


is so difficult, but in the China "independent bloggers" more and more, many webmaster took it SEO to make money, and then after the development of independent blog but completely changed, small ads, irrigation, crap, promotion of any application on the website are applied to blog, independent blog circle was SEO and vice versa to promote the comprehensive monopoly.


blog circle false prosperity

blog without a plan was in the blog comment, although he did not understand SEO, but to a number of blog and found that many duplicate content, pseudo original too much, to the new chance of repeated reading. The other is often into the blog page the latest log, "Oh, learn, remember oh." Then the other party back to your blog, the same as the latest log, "well, come on, that’s good."."

those who left comments had 50% to read your title. The rest of the 50% only took 10 seconds to write a review of the comments; these comments are completely one of your footprints for the back of the brain has nothing to do, only related to physical strength.

over time, some of the messages between the SEO bloggers sign each other may just create a false prosperity, blinded the eyes of SEOER, to meet the vanity of SEOER. But, please remember: this has nothing to do with the popularity of blog content, it is only your sign in exchange for payment.

head of the


Bo Bao cool also served in the post for me to do the evaluation to the point: Lou loose blog article comments on average about 300, but a careful analysis, click on the quantity of each article basically in 5000-7000, and then look carefully, a piece of paper published every day when you click around 600 comment, has reached 300, each comment is basically ", to sign a" learning, writing is very real. "" loose today and updated, did not grab the sofa "and so on this meaningless reply.

are these people rely on every day to make visits flow, see others updated will leave footprints, later that thousands of hits did not appear much comment, and some are search engines or tourists, the first feeling is that this blog is fire, is a celebrity, I want to leave a footprints might bring some more traffic! So the flow, loose article 300 comments data will come out.


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