Mobile electricity supplier not channel expansion but a new venture

Before the opening of the

, first look at the three electricity supplier gangster judgment on mobile providers:

"we told Alibaba’s wireless team that your job is to destroy Taobao, and when you’re out of Taobao, it’s time for success." – Alibaba Ma

ten years ago, I worked with Chen Xuejun to do the Web side of the technology, then we have to re start the mobile terminal." – intime network CEO Liao Bin

we (Jingdong) is not because of the growth rate of mobile Internet faster than the PC side, so to accelerate the mobile Internet investment, but we will define the mobile Internet for the future. Is not to add subversion. It is not a computer in another thing, and we think it is the future of all." – Jingdong Liu Qiangdong

you may ask these views is not as a gimmick to deliberately look at another exaggeration? What are aged B2C chiefs in the past several months, the old are holding a mobile phone and the Pad office, and "forced" where the president’s office must also be mobile office, of course, this process is very painful, will accompanied by various adaptation. That year, Lei Jun is the founder of millet is also carrying a bag of mobile phone, mobile phone and forced to complete the work and all the social communication. Only in this way can we understand why mobile is the future.


in my opinion, in the past few years, a lot of enterprises by the end web the completion of the initial accumulation of electric system architecture and user data, these are just the basic change, only with the help of mobile Internet, add some social spices can really stir a new business.

last week, the media self organizing online guest interviews copycat conference, assistant president of mobile innovation division is responsible for Luan Yilai, but also makes a Jones in the old 2013 ambush surfaced. The new Department is a department where the customer, directly to the aged and aging report, recently in Quanzhou shoes electricity supplier summit also specifically emphasized the mobile customer performance, said "where the customer has more than 70 million registered users, while 30% of orders from the mobile terminal".

in the mobile innovation division also saddled with the sales task, but the meaning is not willing to Luan new sales channels from the outside perspective to understand their own things to do. The new platform and mode is no longer the traditional way of traffic based on the input, it will integrate more user interaction and precision marketing innovation." Luan Yi, a new pattern is emerging, and aged to his task is to create a new pattern of product innovation and.

that looks a little boring, try to use "trend" to explain the concept of mobile innovation where customers really want what:

is the first small trend to do precision marketing. We have a generation of operating companies recently to help in the micro Amoy note.

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