Alibaba want to fill the gap of 2 million e commerce talent

compared to the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce professionals have become increasingly scarce, the future talent gap will reach 2 million. To solve this "electronic commerce talents of foreign trade structural contradiction, the Alibaba launched the first domestic for foreign trade e-commerce marketing division certificate training, examination system, hope that through foreign trade and electronic business skills training, enhance the enterprise existing foreign trade personnel service ability, and gradually fill the talent gap. "The rapid development of domestic e-commerce, more and more foreign trade enterprises began to use e-commerce platform to expand overseas markets. But e-commerce talent can not meet the growing needs of e-commerce professionals." Alibaba official said Mr. song.

data show that the next 5 years, Chinese in more than 3 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises, there will be half of the companies try or the use of e-commerce tools in business, the domestic demand for electronic commerce talent amount will reach more than 3 million. However, the domestic e-commerce professional training has not kept pace with. IResearch Consulting survey shows that the next 10 years, China’s e-commerce talent gap of up to about 2000000, the general lack of e-commerce talent has become an obstacle to the development of e-commerce applications and important factors. Shenzhen Kang Kang Industrial Co., Ltd. Li Dichu, said the company is now more than 20% annual rate of rapid development, which means that the future of e-commerce talent demand will grow exponentially. In fact, not only the Kang Ming Sheng company, Shenzhen and the overall domestic foreign trade there are such problems.

e-commerce experts Liang Chunxiao believes that the current shortage of more performance of e-commerce talent for talent structural problems: on the one hand, the existing professional foreign trade personnel in electronic business knowledge and skills to adapt to the needs of enterprises; on the other hand, the lack of practice experience of foreign trade e-commerce professional graduates, also cannot to meet the needs of foreign trade enterprises. "To solve the current foreign trade e-commerce talent structural shortage problem, the existing foreign trade personnel training has become rich experience in traditional foreign trade, and be proficient in application of e-commerce platform of talent, in order to truly solve the foreign trade enterprises as pressing danger." Shenzhen City accent Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. General Manager and chairman Lv Bo said.

in response to this situation, Alibaba launched e-commerce (foreign trade) network marketing division training and examination. The main content of this paper is to improve the comprehensive ability of foreign trade personnel in the knowledge of foreign trade and e-commerce operation. After passing the examination, these foreign trade personnel will be "Alibaba e-commerce (foreign trade) network marketing division" qualification certificate.

it is reported that Alibaba will be implemented in the country to help enterprises enhance the comprehensive ability of foreign trade personnel, and further help small businesses to solve the problem of e-commerce platform applications.

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