McKinsey warns luxury brands do not regret the electricity supplier

to 2025, the electricity supplier channel sales of luxury goods will reach $77 billion 600 million.

luxury always do not like electricity supplier.

has been a luxury brand like amazon. After a run in chasing these luxuries in early July years, Amazon said no obsession "high-end fashion" piece of cake. In general, the luxury brand electricity supplier to see this matter very heavy. Celine had said not to have any relationship with the electricity supplier. Chanel was also the anti faction of the electricity supplier, this year are gone, in the Net-a-porter start a group of jewelry series.

in fact, the key is to look at the retail consumer, where there is a consumer, the channel will be expanded to where.

recently, McKinsey released a report, the global 7000 luxury consumer habits report based on luxury goods, if you don’t pay attention to all the electricity supplier channels, watch your sales.



report shows that, at present, the electricity supplier channel sales of luxury goods luxury goods accounted for 6% of total sales, approximately $15 billion 500 million; by 2025, this number is estimated to be up to 28%, sales will be $77 billion 600 million.

it is clear that luxury electricity supplier market will continue to expand. Although the luxury brand does not completely reject the electricity supplier this channel, but the shots are always very stingy.

general electricity supplier platform simply can not get the luxury brand licensing. If you insist on such a platform to high-end platform by only two results, or is looking for designer brands, or may sell goods without authorization. The former is the result of buyers may make high-end designer goods, but with luxury or not, the latter is the result of being suspected of selling fake goods. Fortunately, now the field of luxury electricity providers have Net-a-porter professional role. And before the electricity supplier platform is not the same, Net-a-porter is to get the name of each big license. In other words, Net-a-porter when doing business, it can be straight said: I sell luxury goods are really.

luxury brand is still more traditional sales channels, but for the electricity supplier channels have not invested much effort. Hermes now is still not in the online sales of its Birkin package. Although Chanel is available on the Internet, it is only a perfume and cosmetics, not including bags and clothing. And Celine? The price of more than $3600 package, the Internet can not buy.

contrast, Burberry may be the pioneer in the field of electricity providers, attaches great importance to the electronic business platform, but also willing to try. Previously, Burberry is also a short opening shop in Tmall, but in the end to close the door. >

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