At the end of the electric business promotion for impulse spoiler bloodletting

no holiday on the calendar, the electricity supplier will be produced; and some festivals on the calendar, electricity providers who will not miss. With the New Year holidays approaching, many electricity providers have started under the banner of "year-end promotions" from the start of propaganda, and the "double 11" led by Tmall, Tesco, "double 12" by the Jingdong, led by Tmall, the electricity supplier in the end of promotion, from other business voices is far more than Tmall and the two Jingdong mall "leader", at the end of the electricity supplier promotional show "Demons and monsters danced like mad." situation, for consumers, "melee" under the end of season whether the electricity supplier promotional brought real benefits? And the lack of the head in the "spoiler" at the end of the season and the electricity supplier promotional indicates that the industry what kind of change?

promotional efforts unprecedented arrogant

When the day Cat mall and

Jingdong "low-key" "winter", at the end of the marketing season electricity supplier to seize a lot of thunder. promotional activities from mid December onwards have Christmas gifts, from December 17th to December 18 5 fold after the activity of Christmas gifts a Ferris wheel turning to the guardian of Earth Day activities, the city of dawn, the Christmas Carnival activities, in the short two weeks held 6 times theme promotional activities, not only frequent intensive,’s promotional slogan from 50 percent off to 70 percent off to 0 yuan, more and more loudly.

at the end of the crazy business more than a, as a pioneer in customer discounts and promotions also fashion, actively preparing for Christmas berserk activities. 1 yuan, $3, $5 super cheap promotional activities so many users crazy, many commodities only need a few dollars can be in the bag. In addition to the ultra low sales promotion of some commodities, like clothes, accessories and other large quantities of goods are displayed before a lower discount to stimulate consumer shopping. And because the promotion is amazing, as of December 19th 14, according to the customer said, where customers around the warehouse backlog of pending orders, has been close to 1 million single, VANCL aged CEO history of the third user delay orders issued a letter of apology.

is not a giant "suppression", other electricity suppliers are also more "arrogant" tone, LuxeHome network was called "the largest annual fashion Carnival" slogan, according to LuxeHome network responsible person, "fashion Carnival" is the largest scale, time LuxeHome network launched in 2012 the longest, largest investment promotion network. Determined to challenge Jingdong in the field of 3C mall fast and easy network also did not miss the end of promotional opportunities, the easy fast network, the fast and easy Christmas and new year’s Day promotional flagship TV, life appliances, department stores, digital 3C, it is expected that the whole net sales than the 80% growth in November.

bleeding promotions just to complete sales?

"like 0 yuan purchase activities and every guest as low as 1 yuan sales, from the cost perspective is not to make money, is more likely to lose blood promotion." Internet analyst Huang Wen

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