The car behind the double 11 victory create a closed loop O2O industry leader

after the 2013 experience, this year eleven, automotive electricity supplier whether it is marketing scale, dynamics, or model innovation, consumer experience, there is a big leap. Correspondingly, the sales performance is also rising, especially last year topped the BITAUTO record again this year.

today the car manager broke the news, the number of payment orders BITAUTO BITAUTO two business platform – car benefits and easy car mall were 26 thousand, 37 thousand, 63 thousand cumulative payment orders; volume, only the car – car benefits a platform to achieve 15 thousand and 800. If the news is true, then the current data released in each car electricity supplier, in a significant lead position.

indeed, a true industry leader is not only reflected in the sales data, but also reflected in the corporate strategy, forward-looking layout, business innovation and other dimensions. Instead, leading the car successfully defending from behind the comprehensive strength, including the normalization consistent car business practice, continuous business innovation around the needs of users, as well as in the O2O, the mobile terminal and other cutting-edge subject exploration breakthrough. When the accumulation and innovation of the power set to a peak, and broke out in eleven, successfully defending nature is a natural thing.

to some extent, the double eleven is not only easy to win, but also Chinese electric car’s victory. Because this is not a walled city to win, but a system and ecological win. For the future development of Chinese automotive electricity supplier, has the irreplaceable significance BITAUTO automotive electricity supplier.

practice normalization upstream joint operations

at present, most car business enterprise has not yet formed a normalization of the platform, the double eleven, hold a fair attitude once a year, two or three months in advance with the manufacturers, distributors of resources, talk about policy, win a number of models online sale. While the car is out of the ordinary double eleven, it normalized the car business platform based on the launch, after with the manufacturers and distributors of daily running, for the double eleven promotion already qingjushulu. Therefore, the surface of the two forms of promotion, but the internal force is different.

this year, BITAUTO has launched · and BITAUTO; Hui car mall two business platform, they were docking differences between car dealers and car manufacturers business needs, set up to carry out the business management channel for them. Because of this, the official business model was unanimously recognized by the automobile manufacturers and distributors, naturally get their support. This year, a total of more than and 100 domestic and foreign car brands of more than 6 thousand cars in the car 11.11, not only the large number and benefit greatly, half price car, 0 yuan, 1 yuan special offer panic buying auction and other models more than 50 models.

in the face of the impact of e-commerce, car manufacturers and dealers also how to transition in thinking, relative once a year short, really solve the normalization of the road is a better choice, looking at the car industry, the two major electricity supplier platform is a natural.

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