After privatization Dangdang can find the way to the future

Dangdang missed a lot of opportunities, and Li Guoqing couple’s conservative style related. Now, how do they choose the next path?

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at the end of the magnificent double eleven war, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing in the circle of friends and micro-blog are drying out of the preparation and record Dangdang, but not many people concerned about. The outside world has almost completely ignored the purchase platform.


is going to open the 1000 entity bookstore news, so that people have noticed, oh, the original company is still alive.

for a long time, Dangdang quiet a lot, Li Guoqing also quiet a lot. No "a" micro-blog, "Li Dazui" is about the book and related content.

Dangdang trend in recent years, so Li Guoqing very depressed, under pressure, how many have some measures.


has announced the privatization, but Li Guoqing will ask the company executives: "what are we going to do?"

this year, Dangdang has quietly started to give up some of the projects, such as giving up fashion electricity supplier, and began betting on digital business, and ready to privatize. This once the electricity supplier platform is gradually out of the positioning of the integrated electricity supplier, to another road.

transformation fashion electricity supplier fails

in mid April 2015, Dangdang vice president Deng Yifei left. She was the hero of the fashion business Dangdang transition.

in the five years after the listing, Dangdang has spent a full year in the transformation of fashion electricity supplier on the three. In order to enhance the image of fashion, Li Guoqing inside the set " staff twenty-two fashion military regulations". For example, the same clothes are not allowed to wear makeup to two days, between the frequency should be higher than Restroom etc.. Once released rhetoric, "to 600 billion yuan in the apparel market with 60 billion yuan."

2014 in mid year, Dangdang clothing sales chain basically get through. Deng Yifei said, "through Dangdang tail collection of flash sales + new flash sales + clothing store" layout, new products, in season, Weihuo sales service. Will continue to invest. The purpose of doing so is to make the clothing department store based third party sales, to be able to book sales in the volume of the main business is quite self.

Dangdang two years in the clothing category hit $200 million (about 1 billion 297 million yuan)." Deng Yifei described the capital investment unprecedented".

high investment is indeed to Dangdang clothing business has brought improvement.

according to the "First Financial Daily" once disclosure of the data from the second half of 2012, Dangdang clothing business for 6 consecutive quarters of growth of more than 100%, sales of 2 billion 700 million yuan from 2012 to 500 million yuan in 2013, becoming the second largest category of books outside; 2014.

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