Research and application of e commerce website evaluation

(Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center News) Abstract: This paper analyzed and summed up the role and type of e-commerce website evaluation, evaluation methods and evaluation of electronic commerce website content and index system are reviewed, and pointed out that China’s e-commerce website evaluation research and deficiencies and the direction of development should be used.

with the rapid development of Internet commerce, e-commerce sites have emerged, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Web site operators need to know the extent to which users are welcomed by users, how users use the site, the site’s success and shortcomings, and find ways to improve it. Website investors need to understand the operation of the site, brand strength and development potential, to assess the value of the site in order to make investment decisions. Consumers need to know how to find the best website to get the best service and the best value. To solve these problems, it is necessary to use appropriate scales and methods to evaluate the website. As a result, the strong social demand of e-commerce website evaluation promotes the research and practice of Web site evaluation. This paper intends to analyze the research and application of e-commerce website evaluation, in order to promote the further development of this research and promote the development of e-commerce website evaluation application.

The role of

1 e-commerce website evaluation

e-commerce website evaluation is based on a certain evaluation methods and evaluation of the content and indicators of e-commerce website operation status and work quality evaluation. As the development of e-commerce market and improve the important driving force of the electronic commerce website appraisal not only make their own rapid development, and through the evaluation of activities to promote the overall level and quality of the electronic commerce website of electronic commerce website management, standardize and improve the supervision and promotion, so as to promote the healthy development of electronic commerce. Specifically, the role of e-commerce website evaluation is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1.1 was evaluated by e-commerce website

through the website evaluation, web site operators can be more objective and comprehensive understanding of the site actual operation and the effect of customer satisfaction, understanding of their site status, advantages and disadvantages, as the website update and maintain and further develop and perfect the basis. While participating in the evaluation of the site to expand the visibility of the site can not be replaced by the special value of the literature [1] made a comprehensive analysis, mainly in the following areas:

(1) to expand visibility. Objective and fair evaluation results will often be reproduced by a variety of media, resulting in good news effects, to expand the popularity of the site than the conventional means of promotion has a more obvious effect.

(2) to attract new users. The new Internet users is almost doubled every year, for many new users, may not be very understanding of the existing web site, so the site evaluation results have important guiding significance, the new Internet users may become famous website users first.

(3) increases retention and loyalty. Good websites have similar characteristics

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