Successful online marketing is an integrated marketing process

open shop is not only a kind of fashion, more than people at leisure pastime, he is our work, if you want to become a full-time online sellers, so the success of a shop, not to send advertising information so simple, he should be an integrated marketing process is a series of products from planning to the customer service, the traditional 4P theory has become obsolete, and now the integrated marketing theory to discuss it up online promotion.

shop integration promotion steps, we pick up a simple and clear, the promotion process contains the whole process of the product, we are not the production industry, it is only from the product positioning began to say.

first step: find products for the market, this is the first step you open shop, traditional we do business is selected to find products, sales methods, this is a typical product marketing concept as the center. Now, we need to come back, we can only find a market demand to start, to the user experience as the center, to find the real needs of customers products. Standing on the starting point, we often only by surprise success, deep level mining customer demand, in order to find the selling products. It is found that white-collar love Eslite shopping online, while men don’t love shopping, and for shirts in great demand, so as to determine the product shirt. 360 clothing store network found that the current fashion site very much, but no one is really can meet the user to find sources and learning experience, so the development of an existing source release, and share the experience of the community, and is dedicated to clothing stores, which with the traditional clothing and separate the network that everything is in order to meet the user experience as the starting point.

The second step: the establishment of

promotion platform for customers, product positioning you good, you how to build your sales platform, product sales platform is not good-looking, not based on personal preferences to be, to customer experience as the center, the integration of a variety of sales platform, you can set up shop in Taobao, but also can in the ah pat shop, a number of sales platform for a variety of exposure, so that more customers to experience your products and services, and you need to establish a user experience based independent website, a plurality of resources to a website, a web site for the main. Platform is built for a purpose for customer service. Admin5 website’s products, is the transaction information and the webmaster information, so the layout of the A5 layout is centered around this, including posting rules are centered on this.

The third step:

promotion around customer promotion, many promotion methods, online search a lot, 360 clothing store on the summary of the many. But our shop promotion method is not the more the better, I saw some people even wrote "online shop promotion 108 methods", I think this is to fight to the eye or the real sellers advice, you use 108 methods together, the shop is almost closed people dead. Integrated marketing promotion is a variety of marketing methods together, remember that the key is to integrate. If each of the promotion methods

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