Webmaster winter website promotion ultimate skills


in the actual promotion and reference of many successful cases, the commercial website promotion techniques are outlined: navigation station registration techniques, manufacturing techniques, the traditional way of event promotion skills, site analysis skills, target email discussion group BBS propaganda propaganda techniques, skills, skills and techniques of network advertisement website.

a navigation station registration tips

is like YAHOO, LYCOS, navigation ALTAVISTA, Sohu, search guest, YEAH, their website similar function are the numerous website be arranged into a website, so that visitors to query

2 search directory submission tips

like YAHOO, Sohu and other navigation stations using manual methods to ensure the quality of your site, included in the site, get the information in the classification of query relevance than search engine site (by SPIDER automatic search) stronger. This is the main reason why YAHOO and Sohu have become the most accessible English and Chinese visitors. Due to the search directory sites included in the site of the human factors are relatively more, so pay attention to comply with the rules in the submission of the site. No more than 25 words are required for the YAHOO site to register.

two. Target email promotional techniques

virtual world e-mail power is infinite, the key depends on whether you use clever. E-mail website promotion is a bit like the traditional way of direct selling. Do not believe what 20 yuan to buy the lie of the 60000 e-mail, because there may be 4/5 of the address is not accurate, the remaining 1/5 may not have your potential customers.

three. Discussion group BBS promotional techniques

BBS on the propaganda of the most successful cases may be the last of the Hang Seng computer incident, we ask who is right, but the understanding of BBS damage. Discussion group refers to the people involved in the discussion through email online communication. Managers have the right to retain and delete any content. Participants can participate in discussions in different ways to get people interested in your topic and even to be affected. If you send a summary of the discussion topic to everyone involved in the discussion every day, it will attract more people to participate in your discussion. When you have a certain customer base or potential customer base, you can set up a discussion between them.

1 discussion group use tips:

select a discussion group: first of all, your site is classified, if it is about the medical, to find a health discussion group; if it is about travel, go to the tourism discussion group. After finding the appropriate theme, you can look at the hot topics discussed. Enter virtual role: when you enter the discussion group, you should try to avoid advertising. You can use a virtual identity to participate in the discussion, and then provide a consultation or answer with another virtual identity. This kind of question and answer may cause a warm response. Build trust: try to be pragmatic when discussing issues,

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