Small width zero distance enterprises to develop a blog marketing program

Blog is a network as a carrier, simple and quick and easy to publish their own experience, timely and effective communication with others, and then set a variety of personalized display in one integrated platform.

CNNIC January 13, 2009 twenty-third report: 162 million blog users, that is to say in the Chinese more than 300 million Internet users in the blog users occupy a large part, the survey data show that Internet users on the blogger blog that users trust, service providers and higher satisfaction. With the increasingly popular blog on the Internet, users share consumer class is more obvious, which makes a lot of people have paid attention to the marketing in the blog, blog to influence corporate brand, with a blog to spread the information of the enterprise, and captured more potential customers.

so how to carry out the development of enterprises and the development of the blog marketing program is the focus of today’s article, the purpose of this article can make more enterprises in the blog marketing this road go farther and more smoothly.

blog marketing, blog is the foundation, marketing is the essence – only good blog, in order to achieve the marketing function.

in the specific implementation, enterprises can choose 2 ways: one is the use of some well-known blog users and transfer the information of the enterprise, of course, bloggers, higher visibility, enterprises need to pay more. The second is to build their own blog, and then on the blog to convey the information of the enterprise. Today I mainly about second kinds of cost free blog marketing. The author briefly describes the 2 aspects of the blog marketing, blog, blog.

1: build blog

1, blog platform selection: select a high degree of attention to the portal, the blog will be more opportunities to be clicked and attention. For example, Sina, and Baidu, NetEase.

2, blog named: blog named prominent industry keywords, taking into account the target search habits, increase keyword density, increase the index and ranking opportunities.

3, blog writing: blog is directly related to the quality of the blog and blog marketing value, selecting the right starting point, target groups interested in something to write, for example: the enterprise can write high-level entrepreneurial experience, and senior management experience, technical people can write some product usage, customer service and maintenance other articles. Bowen do original, your blog will have the opportunity to be recommended home page.

two: promotion blog

1, through the soft Wen to promote their blog. The blog can be sent to the corresponding articles on the site or BBS, increase the exposure of blog and business.

2, blog posts and articles, anchor text and anchor text of mutual connection, this is the SEO should pay attention to the topic.

3, you can go to other hot blog comments to promote their blog.

4, write high quality original articles, let it >

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