Why do you always do bad word of mouth marketing

word of mouth marketing we all know that refers to the enterprise in the process of brand building, through the exchange of customers will own product information or brand spread. Why is the ultimate challenge so successful? Variety show variety, the audience prone to visual fatigue. But the ultimate challenge weekly steady variety show ratings champion. In addition to the six protagonists of their own humor, humor, but also have their own characteristics.

in the program, "the ultimate challenge" six characters will send micro-blog mobile phone to passers-by to complete the task, so every basic will a red micro-blog topic list, then the exposure in the media, in the ratings, so that each program, will directly lead to social media audience discussion.

word of mouth marketing is characterized by high conversion rate, strong credibility. From the angle of enterprise marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is enterprise or business use of various effective means, causing customers for their products, services and enterprise or business the overall image of the talk and exchange, and encourage customers to introduce and recommend to the crowd around the mining potential customers. Achieve marketing goals. From three aspects to do the word of mouth marketing:

first, organize all of your resources, connect the internal resources and external resources, build word of mouth marketing system. Such as enterprise employees, loyal customers, as well as potential users, fully call resources. Micro three cloud is micro business community was identified as a good reputation for mobile application providers.

choose suitable social media, the premise is to make clear the characteristics of the product sales groups, such as 80- 90 like WeChat, micro-blog or video broadcast platform. And 70 prefer newspapers and magazines. To match up, then marketing can be a multiplier effect.

there is a neglected, is the incentive mechanism. Because of the incentive mechanism, not only can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of customers or customers around the people and participation. Just think, if the spread of commodity motivation has been a good incentive, the scope and impact of its spread to maximize. This will allow more different groups of the main polar communication, and this spread more persistent, greater influence. Micro three cloud distribution model, the combination of passive initiative, make full use of resources, to promote the promotion of staff to optimize the promotion team. Fans and promoters can get commissions, and businesses get the product or brand fission spread.

regardless of word-of-mouth marketing your product planning is more comprehensive, still need to customer demand in the first place, pay close attention to customer feedback on products and brands, and give timely reply, this will make the brand to show everyone is an intimate, "service image, to brand reputation points.


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