How to do our own WeChat marketing

WeChat is a Tencent hand final trump card, so Tencent is cautious about its launch, this time the Tencent still did not let us down payment from WeChat, WeChat group chat to the recent New Year red envelopes, taxi drops, set off a wave of boom, also let WeChat marketing gradually rise. However, the network is like this, a lot of people stand up and say: others do WeChat, you also do WeChat, is not a good thing, people are standing on the side of the boat, the boat will sink". But I do not think so, since we want traffic, want to transform, it must be tried, even if the final did not achieve the desired results, but there will still be harvested. I also try to use this method to promote WeChat’s website, in this and want to share your experience, please give the author some advice, let me do better.

a, about powder

micro-blog or WeChat, worth mentioning, the most important thing is the fans, no one where you do now? The method we use are exactly the same, we will analyze the following methods:

1 through QQ to lead powder: This is a very important method to add lead powder, we have so many friends is to use, and there are our target customers, but when we want to add them when WeChat friends do not use their own micro signals or two-dimensional code to him, can communicate, and then to other micro signal, to take the initiative to increase his own, after all, no matter who and who, the result is the same. Plus QQ friends for fans is the highest rate of service, the highest rate through the way, of course, you can also upload their own two-dimensional code in space, which is a very good method.

2 group led by micro powder: Tencent opened micro group of this function is to allow more people to use this product to do marketing, so we don’t need to mention it, add some micro group to the people inside all buddy, now QQ group is very difficult, often restricted, but now the micro group is not the end, with a group of people can directly back, and then find the next group, and so on. (now A5 webmaster friends a lot of this group,

3 through a variety of ways to promote to lead powder: we can find good articles to contribute, post, we finally left the micro signal, if we can let the reader learn something, they would be willing to spend a few minutes to add to our friends.

4 through the activities of lead powder: this effect is good, the author had launched such an activity, add me as a friend WeChat, give you a certain resource (resource name is not convenient to disclose here), but also achieved good results.

if you get a decent number of fans through these, you have to do is to introduce these fans into the WeChat public number, through the WeChat public numbers to do marketing. Of course, you can also step by step, the direct promotion of your WeChat

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