How to promote different types of websites

After the completion of the

site, promotion is very important, there is a saying that is very good, everywhere promotion. Although so far, but not necessarily effective. You are not on your users to promote, is purely a waste of energy. I remember there was an incentive to the story is that two sell shoes are to a desert island to sell shoes, a returned and reported that island people do not wear shoes, no market, another report said that the island is now back, no shoes, have a brilliant future. Thus, a pile of business owners agree with the latter, to develop new users, tired of a number of enterprises and business staff.

website promotion is the same, you must first know your users where? I see many comments on the website of brothers, have their own small site to post back, either in order to increase the display rate, either for a few IP, has posted the website basically, I went there to have a look at. Most of them are entertainment website, I wonder, are you an entertainment website, I get points, useful to you? Or more Adsense click into useful to you? We are all tired of the website, even their websites have no time to watch, also thought to your web site? In addition to a little more than IP bandwidth and bring increased psychological satisfaction to you, there is no other what, you might find a loophole, or direct acquisition of you, you are more distressed. Find their own user groups, this is the core of the promotion, how to find your site? I analyse, this to everyone as I extend to your own field: Fiction website, where is your users? Baidu Post Bar, another novel website message bar, especially novel web page unfinished, you said that you have been updated, 80% believe that readers can go there you are, this is the promotion of.

picture class website, your users where? All of the forum, or map plate, you spend some time, finishing 1000 to the most beautiful or looks don’t forget the spirit has left the body image, the key point, play on your logo, then go to the post. Stickers, stickers, others will quote, quote, diamond paste, paste in pain. Needle effect. How to promote the film website to get a few, not too much, the most popular movies, such as 007, for example, what is the latest movie ah, I do not know, you go to to check, what the latest to do what. The movie picture, broadcast address (and your own) posted to the forum, a cruel, he has 200, the 200 forum started, and then the BBS reprint, basically enough of your traffic, the rest is to enjoy the climax of flow. Wait for the arrival of several popular movies, you get a 404, jump to your home page. I was too hard, in this way, a day easily get tens of thousands of ip.

          how to promote the professional website? You have no use to send pictures, you send the forum, there is no use, hair paste it is no use. I have a way, professional with a professional eye, you can sort >

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