The night of the lion let website copywriting highlight the personality of the site

website copy is the character of the website. Good copy can not only accurately convey information, but also allows users to feel a good experience. Copy, but often overlooked, the Reds forum registration, login, post, reply, do not know if you have noticed that there is a subtle reminder? "Thanks to × × × ×" welcome ";"…… How do you feel when you see these words?

most Internet Co, we have heard of product design, interactive design, visual design, user experience. Rarely heard copywriter design the position? Website copywriting work more often by the designers and programmers part-time part-time, they will need to think in place with their appropriate copy, designers and programmers to remind the perceptual machine language hard warning which resulted in a website, 100 words.

web site in fact, including: site navigation, column title, to inform the reminder, including real-time tips, warnings, status, as well as the most help. Most web sites have many problems and need to be improved:

website copy should be accurate, concise, easy to read

The purpose of the

site is to give the user a message, say it is good. Now many of the site’s copy is too wordy, but some do not understand at a time. (is my IQ low?)

this simple principle is: can not say do not say, can not use a copy of the picture, you can use a sentence do not use a paragraph. But should be accurate and readable. Especially when using pictures.

web site to have a unified

because most companies do not specifically responsible for writing web copywriting, so in various processes of the team members are in part-time write copy, causing the talking in different dialects. For example, a login: some people say that someone said the account pass, the programmer would probably say ID. Such a statement would confuse users.

I have also seen a virtual host promotion page, write is 150 yuan, click on the details to find the price is $390. But unity is a must. We do not undertake to renounce the use of force. Ha-ha。

website copywriter to emotional

web site is often a reminder of the text to help users complete a use. Most web sites are more like a robot to help you. Stiff and cold! Look at the example of a negative example of the help center of the


1, give users a sense of accomplishment:

users after a series of operations and to accomplish a goal, we should also be happy for the user, this time do not save to give a: congratulations on your success, you can now like tips will allow users to have a sense of achievement


2, encouraging users:


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