Professional webmaster are you tired

      the recent condition is not good, have a fever two and a half months, the first time was over second times to a shot, then I think a person is how healthy, almost no medicine, only 24 years old in the ass on the needle hit the first, let everyone surprised.

      since the network after the lack of movement, in the school and the company is good, at least every day to walk, chat with others. Now, 15 hours a day in front of the computer, although every day to go out, but the amount of exercise is too small, although not obese, but poor mental condition. Some time ago did not try to run, but ran a few days can not hold on.

      the envy of many people in the home site, and those designated hurried to work, work everywhere, life meter broken heart compared to some wage earners, such as SOHO family, to some extent, not fancy our face, not for a handout, by virtue of their own in order to have a natural, rich income, a privileged realm, also have lively mood. But only when you try it yourself, you know what it’s not that easy to do.

      although not to rush to work, have more freedom, but no time limit, often have black and white life clock disorder, omitted to breakfast, lunch is bound to eat a bit, it will lead to a lot of gastrointestinal diseases. Moreover, irregular habits damage to health is great, long-term can lead to depression, insomnia and other symptoms.

      now in addition to say something and MM almost no relationship, their living space is compressed very small, lack of communication with the outside world, no colleagues greetings and ridicule, like floating in the air over the city alone. Encounter problems can not find people, what a person to find a way to solve. In this way, will inevitably lead to interpersonal relationships become indifferent, and even the degradation of language ability.

      professional webmaster is not easy to be understood by ordinary people, every time they go out neighbors are suspicious eyes staring at their own. My parents want me to find a decent job. Now I do not dare to stay at home, not at the side of their parents, but the parents are old, slowly need someone to take care of, and they also worry about me all day, how to deal with the relationship between the family and let me headache.

      free will produce inert, in addition to their own, no one else will come to your work in self management ability has become a backseat driver, his only binding. Sleep until two in the afternoon, no one will deduct your salary. But at home a variety of incentives are more prone to mental concentration, resulting in no efficiency. Reasonable time management has become the most important concern

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