The official website was hacked or taoranju and close social recommendations on nternet


for the official website was hacked


            March 3rd morning news, taoranju catering group official website ( last night to be hacked, the site has been tampered with and left a few Internet language. The same day, the CPPCC National Committee Chairman Yan Qi said to the media, everyone will submit the "closed society cafe, taken over by the government" proposal, reports triggered widespread controversy, taoranju website was hacked or related.

              friends last night at the forum broke the news, the official website of the group found that the diet taoranju was black. As of 2:30 this morning, the site has not returned to normal. Find edit access hacked websites, the entire page has no content of taoranju is left, a few words of network language, such as "butt brother don’t love brother, brother is a legend", some words are linked to network security network ( website wcoa. It is uncertain that whether the relevant tools and china.

              yesterday, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, CPPCC Chairman Yan Qi taoranju the proposals through the media, on the Internet sparked widespread controversy. Yan Qi proposed to abolish the netbars in society, taken over by the government, in order to solve the social problems caused by teenagers addicted to Internet cafes. Analysts pointed out that the official website of taoranju was black, and Yan Qi the proposal.

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