Topic tuniu blocked the same way every day Online travel is about to usher in the outbound war

A5 ( station network December 2nd news, yesterday’s news that the way cattle travel network should also have a relationship with the way cattle and with the way the same way to raise the supplier supply price, even the supplier is required in the way cattle and with the way two. With the way tourism network issued a statement, said the way cattle departure from its usual claim to open the idea of cooperation, alleged unfair competition.

insiders disclosed that recently held in Nanjing third tuniu Partner Conference, tuniu responsible person said to the participants on behalf of the travel agency, all travel to the same way the price must be higher than to the way cattle prices high, at the same time, the way cattle travel agency and joint procurement resources does not allow the sale of platform in the same way on. This is undoubtedly a tuniu one for the same process of blocking order". Another Hangzhou, Shanghai, Hefei, Nantong and other travel agencies to respond to a similar situation, the majority of the industry’s competitive environment expressed concern.

, according to informed sources, the way cattle chose in the same way at this time for a "ban order" is forced. On the one hand, the way cattle has been at a loss since listing in May this year. But since last year, launched a great in strength and impetus "1 yuan Tour" series of activities on the way cattle with the process step by step. On the other hand, the same way in the outbound travel and cruise business moves more and more, let tuniu feel pressure.

at the beginning of November, with the way tourism announced that a wholly owned subsidiary of the company will increase with the way tourism under the same way travel, travel agency to enter the B2B market, and expand the company’s tour, outbound tourism and cruise business scale. This business is a key plate tuniu, a new strategy with the way the way cattle feel the pressure, it is OTA of resources for a deeper, OTA price war, outbound tourism is a high cash flow business, so OTA is now in the business for the growing resources.

in the same way as it seems, "ban" the origin is the same way the way cattle began to cut into the advantage of business – outbound travel. At the same time, the same process stressed: "we will not because of any form of ‘ban’ and shaken. Only open to provide users with better products and services, only to create value for customers, we have value."

according to the National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei, former director of the forecast, in 2014 the scale of China’s outbound travel will exceed 100 million passengers for the first time, is expected to reach 110 million passengers. During the APEC summit, the United States announced the valid tourist visa to the United States Chinese citizenship was extended to 10 years, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Holland, France and Britain have announced the launch of the China citizens visa deal, Chinese outbound good policy can be described as one after another. In the favorable circumstances of the environment, outbound travel will soon usher in the golden age, and the battle around the market will certainly be more intense!

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