During the Olympic Games all virtual hosts

today on a forum, the results can not be accessed. Space is the vanguard of the data. Go to their stations, landing, the background shows that everything is normal, but the landing FTP, the connection is not up, contact customer service:


Oh, is it the Olympic Games. I really do not understand what is the provisions of the relevant departments, or a host of this fear during the Olympic Games special timid and overcautious, trouble, directly off the thing? It will record a special forum last year, Pioneer data is directly related to this machine wrong,

I want to do, for the space business, a lot of time, you should at least do the communication with the customer, even if you are timid and overcautious off the host, before the notice or, let everyone prepared, so good, want to find a space business does not work, the data can not get back, QQ did not answer. The telephone does not meet. As the host, so this part is really dirty! Pay attention to buy space brothers, they called the pioneer station data (www.idcxf.com and www.86xf.com), buy a space to buy or find station, station no background, can not afford big waves


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