Marriage website collective encounter bottlenecks lack of industry rules


Shenzhen City People’s Procuratorate released data show that in 2012 the number of women cheated reached more than and 130 people, of which half of the victims originated in the network. I personally contact (deceived) the actual number is much more than this." Recently, the marriage and family lawyer Zhang Jing in China’s first marriage Industry Summit Forum to the first Financial Daily reporters revealed.

dating site Jiayuan listed on NASDAQ in the United States "and" If You Are The One and other intimate part after hot, Chinese online dating service market fast. But with the passage of time, dating sites exposed more and more drawbacks. One of the biggest problems is integrity.

recently, the Chaoyang District court accepted a case of a lawsuit against Lily network. The woman in energy-saving is a liar fraud children, finally found each other all the information (including marriage status) are false. This is the second Liu Qing sued Jiayuan after another dating website being prosecuted.

Lily network released the latest data show that China’s current age of single population has reached 180 million, the marriage service industry is undoubtedly a huge market. Love and marriage website needs to create an open network platform, but the purpose of the people come. These problems directly affect the prospects for the development of marriage website.

In 2012 fourth quarter operating data

Jiayuan released by the fourth quarter, Jiayuan average monthly number of active users is 5123265, compared to 51797132012 in the third quarter of 5242237, the number of active users began to decrease. At the same time, Lily network listing plan has repeatedly postponed.

current marriage industry, whether online or offline, the lack of money and technology is not the most, not the user, but the industry rules and industry self-regulation." Come to participate in the forum, said the media painted this way. Although Jiayuan, Lily network and cherish the three largest dating sites each of the number of registered members have reached tens of millions of people, but the integrity problem has long plagued the development prospects of the dating sites.

Lily network launched a real name registration, but for the registered user’s marital status, professional qualifications are difficult to verify. "The challenge of dating sites, indeed is bigger than the electronic commerce." Deputy director, Beijing Huawei lawyer Deng Liqiang legal experts believe that there are third party payment platform to ensure the relative safety of electronic commerce, but in terms of marriage, morality, integrity, character of a person is difficult to have a person to give him protection, so that no such third party guarantee.

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