Give users on account group purchase network faces reshuffle inevitable collapse of experts

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, enough to save enough to become a major consumer fashion, group purchase mode of many young people very careful in reckoning. But with the increase in complaints, buy a lot of hidden problems are also beginning to be concerned about, many people are no longer obsessed with the purchase of this mode of consumption, the enthusiasm of the business has also retreated. Now the situation is that in September last year, the country has more than and 200 buy network failures, Chongqing, there are more than 10 local network collapse or fall into the difficult to maintain the status quo. Once in full swing to buy the market, is not the node has to shuffle?


buy coupons can not use

days ago, Mr. Zhang in Chongqing net netizen posting said, buy their own Jiangbei joy Di oxygen group purchase can’t use coupons. 24 year old Zhang told reporters that his January 1st purchase of a bar in a package of Jiangbei joy Di Group purchase online. A month after the purchase, every time he calls to contact the merchant, were told room is full. "The KTV at 9 in the morning every day to accept the reservation, but I from 9 in the morning call to book a room, this is consumer fraud?" Zhang said that if you can not provide professional services, businesses why do such activities. I have encountered two times to buy coupons can not be used".

yesterday, the reporter called Jiangbei joy Di, the staff said, because the group purchase is hot, so every day will soon be booked for the convenience of guests, also do not use coupons group purchase, the deadline has been extended to February 28th. The reporter understands, Mr. Zhang’s friends have 5 copies of the KTV group purchase coupons, for the same reason without reservation to the room.

in fact, buy coupons but can not use the situation is not uncommon. Live in Shapingba District of Wei Jia was once the group purchase Master, "she told reporters yesterday, at present some group purchase websites to improve price and then discount, some restaurants and dishes do not conform to the description, group purchase network is more and more bad faith, let oneself no longer obsessed with group purchase activities. Netizen "Tu" Post said, September 2010 in a group purchase website on the price of 40 yuan to buy a package of dental medical institutions had the group purchase page is displayed on the expiry date is November 17th, but repeatedly call, too many people are being told to push the group purchase time, late January 30, 2011". "Tu said," at that time just before the Spring Festival, which have time to floss, then the group purchase right when 40 yuan will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, buy a lesson.

yesterday, the reporter in the 315 consumer complaints online input keywords buy search, found in February 1st this year, the country’s complaints about the purchase of up to 115. The contents of the complaint, including goods not board, buy fake, buy coupons and other issues can not be used.


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