Adsense network broadcast WeChat blocked today’s headlines Social products fire a dead

1 fake gaming network day water 400 thousand yuan 254 people arrested for 90  : 80%;

organized gangs use nominal labor output in China by Kampuchea recruit people, gambling is legal as the basis, the introduction of 4 fake gambling sites, through the promotion of mail, QQ, there are 400 thousand water every day.

– "254 telecommunications network fraud suspects were escorted back to track

10, 254 telecommunications network fraud suspects were escorted home from Indonesia, Kampuchea (Beijing News reported on November 11th). Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Haidian police, the suspects in the 90 people currently detained at the Haidian detention center, has mastered the fact is the name of the organization in the domestic labor gangs use output by hiring, the Kampuchea gaming industry legal based on the introduction of 4 fake gambling sites, through the promotion of mail, QQ, 400 thousand the water every day, involving up to tens of millions. Web site with customer service, promotion, clear division of labor, the suspect in accordance with the amount of information sent to customers and the amount of money to get the Commission, each person can earn about 5000 yuan per month.

2 headlines today to become WeChat’s latest ban object?  

this morning, there are users reflect today’s headlines can not open the link in WeChat, WeChat suspected and today’s headlines each other.

specific performance in the today’s headlines on the share to WeChat, "you did not install the WeChat" reminder, and on WeChat to open from today’s headlines link, is to "the machine not today’s headlines client installation, cannot open the application page.

I and my colleagues in the results obtained after several tests are: today’s headlines on the normal share to WeChat, if the mobile phone installed APP headlines today can be opened normally, but if the mobile phone is not installed APP headlines today, then open this link in point will be redirected to the page today’s headlines, said the client is not installed, the application can not be opened. Prior to today’s headlines on WeChat will appear in two situations: one is to open directly, and the other is to jump to the download page, prompting users to download.

3 the fire died? How to get out of social products were praised, draw circles not good

fire one died! "Looking back over the past two years, from the initial adorable face, to the nearest 17, a burst of fire related social app left a deep impression on us. However, today the Internet has no initial enthusiasm, is more of a watch. "It is a phenomenal product", "estimate how long will die!" was the good and popular products is a natural right, in the rapid development, the rapid rise and rapid forgotten era has become a contradiction. Why is this


in the early stages of the development of mobile Internet, the product is not called

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