s the dragon plate chinahr com the integration difficulty should not be underestimated

["we thought it would be a change of management, but even the sales staff are laid off a considerable part makes it difficult to understand, especially chinahr.com layoffs were acquired before the movement is too large, it will also increase the difficulty of integration after the." ]

for sale chinahr.com finally has a new husband".

recently, network recruitment company Ireland Shanglong group announced, has signed a purchase agreement with the United States online recruitment giant Monster company, a subsidiary of the latter in Chinese chinahr.com into its business. In the merged company, Monster retains a 10% stake, but the specific amount of the acquisition is not disclosed.

Monster in 2005 invested $50 million acquisition of 40% stake in chinahr.com, then gradually increase in investment, until 2008, Monster to $174 million acquisition of the remaining equity to complete the network of excellence, the company’s wholly-owned acquisitions. At this point, Monster to chinahr.com a total investment of $243 million.

but for 7 years, Chinese network of excellence performance has been in a state of loss, Monster is also affected by the economic situation influence and LinkedIn competition in the global market, the third quarter of last year, Monster net loss of $194 million 200 thousand, from chinahr.com losses reached $233 million. Last November, Monster announced the sale chinahr.com, hoping to reduce operating expenses.

is one of the fastest growing online recruitment groups in the world, and the brand name in China is My job. "I heard it before the acquisition of chinahr.com, for this company are relatively unfamiliar." A veteran of the domestic online recruitment told the "First Financial Daily", "mail from My on the job site around the suffix branch connections are not completely unified, the rate of expansion in China may speed too fast, integration is still not fully keep up with."

was founded in 1995 is the dragon group in 27 countries worldwide with offices, in recent years the development of China market with vigorous strides in the near future, the acquisition of scraping wind, has the Shanghai recruitment network, Zhongshan talent network and other international and regional industry segments of the recruitment website under the nationalization, establish a nationwide 234 line of the city recruitment network.

said My job in China development speed, Chinese Shanglong Group CEO Ciaran Lally described on the company’s website, 12 months ago only 600 employees, 26 sales in the city, now has 2000 employees, the sales network in 165 city.

chinahr.com joined or will make up for its shortcomings in the first-tier cities, and the number of stations reached nearly 200. "For domestic and international human resources or electronic platform service providers, mergers and acquisitions are part of the future expansion strategy." Ren >

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