The domestic online ordering website hungry why 100 million valuation

November 27th, the domestic online ordering platform "hungry" has announced the completion of $25 million C round of financing, lead investor Sequoia Capital, the A round of investment in Jinsha River, B round investors matrix venture capital investment. In the round of financing, hungry it valuation of nearly $100 million.

hungry it was founded in 2008 by 4 students at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has long been the center for the development of College takeaway market. The birthplace of Jiaotong University as the starting point, has now developed to the 12 city development path quite like Facebook from Harvard to the line, and because of its founder Zhang Xuhao and Zuckerberg are the same age (born 1985), even as the English name (Mark), is regarded as the business circles star.

Why is

a price a mere ten yuan takeaway, settled merchants are the traditional shop form a small restaurant, and now the profit model is not clear, there is no top creative website, the valuation of nearly $100 million to


1 just need

"basic necessities of life" is the human society the most basic needs, as an old industry, from the traditional restaurant takeout package to telephone orders, the latter has gradually become the main means of food industry. Compared with the restaurant packaging, telephone order with its advantage without the door, greatly stimulated the development of the takeaway industry.

but the telephone ordering is also inconvenient, first of all, businesses need to invest a lot of manpower and energy to the leaflets in the early release activities, and this way the user conversion rate is not high. Secondly, businesses can not update the takeaway information, consumers can not get consumer data, so it can not be based on consumer spending habits to provide reference information for future decisions. Finally, for consumers, which provide information only the names of restaurants, dishes name, price and contact, and for other information, such as other consumer evaluation of dishes, the restaurant dining speed is difficult to learn.

The emergence of

takeaway site, to solve a series of problems in the front, in essence, it is to solve the problem of information asymmetry between businesses and consumers and the need to spend a lot of money to release the pain point". Take off the site to change the traditional mode of ordering the phone takeaway service, you can provide free, convenient, fast, independent information to help users find their own takeaway service. Printer orders to achieve computer can not only receive orders to the kitchen now takeaway website, also can use mobile phone to receive ordering information, only need to order meals can be. It can be said that online ordering takeout has become the development trend of the industry.

food O2O model originated in the United States, which is the most successful non OpenTable. OpenTable online ordering website was founded in San Francisco in 1998, has experienced 10 years of development, in 2009 publicly listed on nasdaq. With its technology leading ERB (E>)

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