WeChat weixin com cn domain name rumor is not 1 million 800 thousand win

renamed China (eName.cn) April 14th News reported yesterday, China renamed "WeChat" domain name weixin.com with 8 digit price of the transaction, triggered heated debate in the industry, today, domain name investors wear step fashion, especially from the hands of another domain name WeChat Sheldon weixin.com.cn win, it is said that the price of 1 million 800 thousand yuan.


Weixin.com.cn price 1 million 800 thousand yuan?

Dai Yue recently acquired weixin.com.cn rumors, the price is 1 million 800 thousand yuan, but the name Chinese by wearing my step verification, and no price reached 1 million 800 thousand yuan, but at the level of one million yuan. According to Dai Yue said is a price quote, basically no counter-offer scored.

and weixin.com.cn million dollar level of the transaction, it is likely that other WeChat related domain name suffix will also have a certain increase. If the domain name investors held a lot of weixin.La last night’s auction price of nearly 200 thousand yuan.



driven domain name trading market?WeChat

in relying on this tree, after another Larry domain weixin.cn in order to have a six digit transaction price. With yesterday weixin.com domain with 8 digit price change, all the signs are pointing to the Tencent, which also let investors see the wind: the Tencent is likely to start protecting WeChat related domain.

With WeChat

Larry domain weixin.com eight digit sales, WeChat is not only related to the domain name of the price will go up, presumably in the next period of time, will drive the Larry domain market boom, as the previous 360 billion acquisition of 360.com driven digital domain name prices, in the short term, the price is likely to spell a domain name with a certain price.

addition, Tencent shares rose over 5% yesterday, the market value of $206 billion 200 million. Tencent if you want to recover these WeChat related domain name, I’m afraid I have to spend some money and thought. Tencent is rich and powerful, I’m afraid I have to reflect on it.

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