The Ministry of Railways reply 12306 refers to the disclosure law give an irrelevant answer


lawyer Dong Zhengwei to reporters show the Ministry of Railways reply

Beijing News (reporter Liu Chunrui) Beijing well-known human rights lawyer Dong Zhengwei sent a letter to the Ministry of railways, 12306 for public website construction, design and bidding process all the information about the latest progress. Yesterday, Dong Zhengwei said, received a reply from the Ministry of railways, but did not reply to the application for public information.

Ministry of Railways recommends its Internet search

yesterday, Dong Zhengwei to Beijing News reporter provided the Ministry of Railways open office of the leading group to give him the original reply.

in this article, the Ministry of Railways called Dong Zhengwei "citizen". Dong Zhengwei said, "citizen" this call made him feel surprised. In his previous response to the application of a lot of ministries to get information publicly, mostly Comrade Dong Zhengwei".

in reply, said the Ministry of railways, a new generation of railway ticket system is part of the 12306 site features, by the independent legal entity information technology center of railway ministry as the tenderer, according to the "People’s Republic of China Bidding Law" and the "People’s Republic of China Bidding Law" Regulations for the implementation of public bidding, and in accordance with the law in China procurement and bidding ( and bidding agency website ( to fulfill the statutory obligations on the announcement. On other related issues, has been through Xinhua, China Network and other media made further explanation, I suggest you through the above website and media inquiries related information.

lawyer said the Ministry of Railways give an irrelevant answer

for the above, Dong Zhengwei said that the Ministry of Railways to apply for public information did not get an answer. The Ministry of Railways reply explicitly admitted that "a new generation of ticket system is a part of" 12306 websites, bidding information, website of total cost information but not to open 12306 website, and to "a new generation of ticket system" bidding announcement as information disclosure reply transfer target.

September 24th, Dong Zhengwei sent to the Ministry of Railways "government information disclosure application", request the public 12306 website design services bidding process information, including bidding information distribution scope, how many enterprises to participate in the bidding process, the time, the qualifications of enterprises, the enterprises involved in the bidding scheme, the evaluation process, bid, website the design, construction and operation of the total cost, site delivery acceptance standard.

September 27th, the Ministry of Railways explained to the media a new generation of ticketing system bidding situation, but did not explain the bidding situation of the 12306 sites.

yesterday, Dong Zhengwei also said that according to their own investigation to grasp the situation, he has to the national development and Reform Commission, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of supervision and SAIC reported 12306 sites suspected of illegal bidding. Among them, under October 9th >

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