Stationmaster net fourth excellent optimization contest ended

station network news July 15th, sponsored by the Admin5 webmaster network fourth excellent optimization contest recently successfully concluded, the contest since the beginning of April 12th, the end of July 13th, which lasted 3 months.

this contest selected before the major search engines do not search for records of the phrase "bobaiyou" as the competition keywords, "World Expo" and "Baidu optimization", I wish the China Shanghai World Expo successfully held, ranking the competition in the competition website search engine in Baidu search "Bo excellent" as evaluation standard.

the contest has been well-known outstanding stationmaster alliance platform ally ( and Yiqifa Alliance ( to give strong support to the contest webmaster statistics, locomotive collector, Xi’an Bo four Internet company of this contest is to sponsor a fixed support.

, according to incomplete statistics, there are about 3000 owners to participate in this competition, in the Baidu search keywords "bobaiyou" up to about two million, far more than the game the size and specifications of the past, to express the power of group owners, after fierce competition, Liucheng net website were made before the five contest.

said the stationmaster of a lot of participating in this contest, although not able to get the position, but aware of their shortcomings through the game, during the game with some optimization master learned a lot of experience, very helpful for the future of the site operation and site promotion.

webmaster network relevant responsible person said, at present China personal webmaster about 1 million 500 thousand, the number of sites about 3 million, organizing this event aims to provide owners with domestic SEO enthusiasts an opportunity for communication and study, through the study and understand the true meaning of SEO in actual combat, through communication and activities to help more owners to grow up fast. In the future Adsense network will also hold similar activities to promote communication between the webmaster, communication and learning.

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