Good shopping sites should pay attention to a few points

make a shopping website is not difficult, and even the Internet there are a lot of this template, however, to make a successful shopping site is not an easy thing, super vision network that, when making the shopping website must pay attention to the following four points:

1, reality

, that is to say, the user can reach, do not increase the difficulty to the user, set some need to overcome difficulties in order to reach the target site, if the site sales is worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of industrial equipment, your goals do not set for direct online sales, but the business goals set for visitors, or ask for further information, or to obtain quotations, product catalogs, or directly call the sales department, in short, do not let the user directly ordered such a large amount of products on the Internet, this is not always true.

2, measurable

network marketing is one of the biggest advantages compared to traditional marketing is the marketing effect can be accurately measured and analyzed, and on the basis of improved marketing practices, site goal setting is the same, the webmaster want to let your visitors do, should be through a way of measuring, sometimes measuring method is very simple and clear, such as the generation of online orders registered, or electronic magazine, download software, e-books, which will leave a clear data on the website or server log file.

Sometimes they want some measuring methods to make the goal of the website of

can be achieved, the auxiliary store such as the above mentioned, attract users to print coupons in the case, although the user opens the coupons in the web page, but there is no print, the website is not easy to know, to measure the target, will a combination of several methods, such as coupons in the web browsing times, volume discount is used frequently in the store, if conditions allow, can be dynamically generated number.

3, behavioral

website user behavior goal should be specific, and that the user to a specific thing to take action, like the above example, whether it is to generate orders or registered email list, or download and fill out the online contact form, call, click on the link and so on, these are the user behavior is clear, there are some specious the index is not a real site goals, such as traffic growth, or the conversion rate of growth, these can be used in the internal report on the website, the website is used to guide the practice of the website goal but not when designing a website.

4, a single target is the most powerful

in some special case of a single goal, with a secondary goal, but don’t want to give them everything, not only to do this, and to allow visitors to do that, the result may be neither reached, such as shopping site, the first site of course is the direct target of production and sales, if you browse who didn’t buy anything on the site, wanted a way to allow visitors to register the electronic magazine, as auxiliary site, site index > accurately set

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