Tmall TV is scheduled to break ten million Geek horse extraordinary day group

as of this morning (August 10th), the official name of the official website of the micro whale TV Tmall flagship store ( has broken million. The early morning of August 3rd, micro whale TV ( Tmall chips mystery open, 24 hours at Zanpowan, ahead of the completion of the public to raise the target. In order to give back to the user’s enthusiasm, micro whale then open a dollar privilege activities, as of press time, a predetermined amount exceeded five digit mark. Micro whale TV has not yet released, has triggered such a strong response. Public opinion that, now the pre-sale is very popular, have to admire the halo effect behind the star team comes, a geek exclaimed, days run really extraordinary.

user enthusiasm is difficult to block, one yuan privilege sales hot

micro whale TV since the project information disclosure, causing the media continued to focus on tracking reports. The opening campaign for the conference preheat, unexpectedly the user enthusiasm, raise public places for a short period of time to be sold out, at present points like the number as high as 22054, in order to respond to the user’s enthusiasm, micro TV whale Tmall flagship store launched a yuan booking activities.

yuan scheduled to take pre-sale form of Internet products used, users spend one yuan can enjoy the privilege of free gifts and pre order. This one dollar for the real love of micro whale TV and have the desire to buy the consumer, called conscience feedback. Buy one yuan privileges, you can participate in the lottery, a day to send a micro whale tv. The final confirmation of purchase one hundred yuan cash back, but also get priority delivery opportunities. In addition, micro technology is also presented to whales to a new period of "new weekly" "micro whale generation" of the old letter to join, will not only TV show rich content for everyone, but also bring benefits directly from the old club, our long-awaited netizens.


geek group, triggering media continue to focus on

from the media exposed information, micro TV constantly whale attention. Investigate its reason, or behind it can be called luxury star team. Li Ruigang, Li Huaiyu, a media mogul, chairman of the Chinese cultural industry fund, the other is a new media television Chinese leader, IPTV industry pioneer, by the two media big coffee led command, is the largest whale micro TV quality guarantee.

from the beginning was speculated to have a significant relationship with the micro whale TV, the original new weekly editor, is now CMC (Chinese cultural investment fund), the chief content officer of the closure of the metro, responsible for scheduling, sorting the existing content resources. The most surprising is the national literary men of God to join Li Jian, as a member of the group of geeks, he will serve as chief micro whale art consultant, the rigorous pursuit of the art of music into the micro TV whale, bring a new concept of art for the user. Micro TV whale team to create such a powerful geek day, does not want to attract media attention to


star bright, micro whale conference coming

high-profile micro TV conference will be listed on the whale

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