Taobao on the copy the pain points of consumers hold time

if you are still being bothered by the ads on Taobao, if you haven’t got the right get Taobao ads, please be assured that this article is open, you will understand how low it is.

leaders sent me a picture

asked me what my

this picture below that of the long


I told the leader after reading

this copy must not have a husband,

"he’s not even a man,"

should be led out to listen to my implication

gave me a

(ER)… In fact, a few words (


"you are not TA, how do you know there is no husband,"

"you this kind of person is a professional advertising that bad habits"

"habits stand on their own point of view"

"you don’t copy it, but others the pain point grasps very much ah

"the key is to know who is talking to"

"can you write it"

"day’s pointing Jiangshan,


customers are telling me how you last copy and typos! "

"what do not kill Xie copy


leadership words make me thinking

I found the

leadership words above have wrongly written

in order not to let the leadership disappointed I decided not to point out

but still have to listen to the leadership of the ah

so these days I will go to the Taobao home page Dundian

from time to time

feel what is to know who to talk to the copy

I first saw such a

"the universe’s largest food?"


I’m not good at physics

did not have the nerve to the leaders of the science students ask

what is the universe’s largest density]

, however, is a trick trick

when you’re not sure if it’s the biggest

you have a question mark in the back

this can not be regarded as cheating consumers

then I saw such a

"the soil chicken and egg


I kind of wonder

now ad >

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