The central bank issued the fourth installment of the first payment of the third party to pay televi

yesterday afternoon, the central bank website announced the fourth installment of the third party payment license issued results. As of press time reporter, including Su Ningyi,, NetEase, including 95 party payment companies to obtain a license, so the central bank issued a total of 196 party payment licenses for the third party third. Most notably, the type of business in the payment, the first appeared in the digital TV payment business.

previously, in May 26, 2011, in August 31, 2011 and in December 31, 2011, the central bank issued a total of three batches of a total of 101 party payment license third.

it is understood that the digital pay TV business, the user can pay by bank card "TV + remote control", which will provide the possibility for pay television shopping and VOD service, "TV shopping mall" is likely to become another entrance of electronic commerce. Analysts generally believe that TV payment business, such as the successful landing, will become the new financial self-service payment channels.

yesterday from the publicity of the situation, Kunming card card mutual Technology Co., Shanghai billion pay Digital Technology Co. Ltd. and silver vision Mdt InfoTech Ltd and Beijing digital video software technology development Co., four companies to obtain the digital pay TV business license. The China cup is one of the shareholders of the Mdt InfoTech Ltd through the silver, and the shares of the Beijing Gehua, digital video software technology development Co. ltd.. In May last year, 32 companies for third party payment license, online banking online, TenPay, Alipay has applied for digital TV payment business license, but in the end were not approved.

concern is that the fourth installment of the license is also considered to be the access to the third party payment industry, the last train, after the current round of license issuance, payment license expansion process will temporarily come to an end. Fast money CEO Guan Guoguang told reporters that the licence is decided by supply and demand, in the current market development scale, the future payment license will be issued, but the slow pace will become the norm.

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