The advantages of tourism e commerce

China’s e-commerce is still in its infancy, but it is developing rapidly, there are more and more tourism enterprises also joined the e-commerce marketing force. Compared to traditional tourism marketing, tourism e-commerce obvious advantages, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

one, and the tourism industry and products have a strong fit

first, association of tourism industry is very strong, the need for coordination and cooperation in transportation, telecommunications, commercial, light industry, urban construction, culture and cultural relics departments, thus making decisions, should be taken into account in the catering, accommodation and other related products and services to tourists, but also to meet the needs of the industry. Tourism e-commerce can take many tourism suppliers, travel agency, tourist together, scenic spots, travel agencies, Turisthotellet and tourism related industries can use the same website to attract more customers. On the basis of complementary advantages to improve the efficiency of the use of resources, the formation of banks, travel agencies, tourism products, tourism, the Quartet win-win situation. Secondly, the majority of tourism products are intangible and can not be stored, the production and sales process is completed in the process of service, to avoid the problem of modern e-commerce distribution system is imperfect.

two, is conducive to tourism enterprises to reduce operating costs, innovative business model

with the increasing awareness of tourism e-commerce, greatly reducing the operating costs of tourism enterprises:

first, it reduces the cost of information dissemination of tourism enterprises, the network media has the characteristics of no time geographical restrictions, no time constraints, detailed content, two-way communication, feedback and so on.

(two), followed by the network marketing without paying store rental costs.

(three) finally reduces the transaction costs of the travel market. The "media space" formed by the computer network has replaced the "physical space", and the "virtual market" has replaced the traditional market.

tourism enterprises can be based on traditional marketing, the application of e-commerce business model innovation:

first, tourism companies can use the network to attract new customers. As a new marketing channel, the online ordering more convenient, no time limit, to expand the market space, increase the attractiveness of the Internet, can attract those in the traditional marketing channels to attract customers to order online.

(two) Secondly, the tourism enterprises can communicate with each other through the use of electronic commerce. For the needs of tourists, tourism enterprises can provide personalized service.

three, to meet the unique needs of consumers

With the development of society and economy and the improvement of living standards,

has become the goal of people’s pursuit. Personalized travel routes, personalized travel experience, personalized travel

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