Mother into sea Amoy sea purchase the United States vip com focus koala biggest category first

Ali spent $56 million to become the electricity supplier maternal Zulily major shareholders, the top 3 impact import electricity supplier koala sea purchase price war hundreds of millions of monthly subsidies, investment months many enterprises mother expand bonded warehouse, excluding losses to seize the market mother infant category has become the focus of various scouring the sea battle in 2015.

with two-child policy of gradual liberalization, Chinese maternal market has become the hundreds of billions of dollars in huge market, will be the development of a new giant electricity supplier a market value of billions of dollars. Mother who became the first category, who will win the new electricity supplier giant throne.



sea purchase strategy steadily eroded

target impulse purchase three sea koala import electricity supplier, the development speed of the industry eyebrows fierce. In fact, the koala sea purchase is pursuing NetEase CEO Ding Lei’s consistent style: with a strong robust single product advantage eroded step by step leading advantage, and gradually established a leading position in the industry, NetEase, NetEase, Youdao Dictionary cloud music news, APP’s success is the classic case.

point is the beginning of the koala sea purchase diapers. With Kao diapers guards at one fell swoop set the price of genuine image in the sea Amoy mother, after the king, You Nijia, then South Korea curious fight, Pampers, Denmark, Japan finally Banbo the United States to help determine the advantages of Kirkland, in one fell swoop. Then the rise of milk products, with the biggest purchases in Holland, Germany aptamil Kraal cut, and then a comprehensive coverage of Holland, Italy, the United Kingdom bullpen Meisu Merrill and other first-line international brands. Now the purchase of milk than the other two most abundant, covering not only pre to 5, but the overall price of the dominant.

in May to buy the new rhythm of the koala sea analysis, maternal and child food, maternal and child supplies will be the focus of the next expansion. With the addition of Jia Bao, California Bay, Jubilee baby, Davino brands such as the koala sea purchase in baby food supplement, baby snacks, baby care products on a step by step to establish the advantage segments, and then establish the whole baby category advantage, the impact of the first throne, to achieve long-term goals as soon as possible before the 3 self. self + investment comprehensive layout’s

layout to maternal and child category of self and the investment strategy of walking on two legs. Self respect, PC end of the global sale of maternal and child supplies proportion gradually increased. The mobile terminal is on-line in January of this year APP maternal sale — I am the mommy, while covering the whole category of goods but still in infant, children’s clothing, children’s shoes mainly advantage category, and to compensate for the lack of SKU, such as adding a lot of chiaus, Mamy Poko and other domestic brands, the feedback from the download of apple APPSTORE, is not ideal.

Compared to

, greater investment in action, has been disclosed as much as 4. January led veteran Jimmy Tesco mall imported maternal B round of 50 million in March, led the vertical community freaky help C round of $100 million, in May to push on

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