How to evaluate the credibility of the shop is credible

With the rapid development of online shopping market, more and more people are accustomed to shopping through the network, but also encountered many problems in the online shopping

. Recently, the problem has occurred on the shop reputation. Some sellers because of its bad buyers disgruntled and call harassment, even resorted to some "Yinzhao" or "sunzhao". Even more disturbing is that the original shop can indicate the degree of credibility of the credit rating, there are some shop to spend money to hire "brush credit" or delete poor phenomenon.

first, the online shopping frequency encounter bad comment door

people use online shopping, originally in order to enjoy its convenience and good shopping experience. In the process of online shopping, buyers and sellers can evaluate each other, the satisfaction of giving praise, not satisfied with the comments or poor evaluation, often get the praise of the shop can accumulate a good reputation. However, the "poor" are frequent, but may make some buyers feel quite uncomfortable.

buyers suffer from telephone harassment is one of the circumstances. Wenzhou overseas Chinese hotel was more than 3 thousand telephone harassment recently in 14 hours after the call is connected, or no one to speak, or play music, and the reason is only an employee of the unit used in the Taobao online to a seller of a bad". Another example is the Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing, Miss Chen at the end of last year in an online store to buy a new product called yellow rice bag, but the real edge joints wear. Obviously, when she gave the seller "after a week, she named" continuous encounter sellers phone harassment and intimidation".

, what is more, a few sellers on the poor buyers with some "Yinzhao" or "sunzhao". Zhejiang Wang recently due to the seller "bad" not only received many telephone harassment, also received a seller sent express parcels, which turned out to be a bucket of popcorn cups packed with stool. Coincidentally, Zhejiang Jiaxing "jinsheng99" by buyers and sellers gave him a comment to the buyer send Mingbi revenge.

in addition to the poor evaluation of the door, the site’s reputation level also produced a crisis of confidence. Credit rating is an online store to attract consumers signs, but a small number of sellers but through speculative means to improve the level of credibility. At present, there is a kind of "brush credit" website, which will be the credibility of the price tag. In the brush reputation of the company’s manipulation, a shop had to accumulate more than and 200 successful transactions in order to obtain credibility, as long as the cost of $200 in just a few days to get. In addition, some shop also paid delete his shop in the assessment and review.

had to admit that the difference between the door and brush reputation has become a negative phenomenon in the current online shopping market.

two, the reasons for the complex impact of large

should be said, "bad review" and "brush credit" and other issues on the development of the electronic commerce must have a negative impact. First, user >

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