How do provide a forum for the implementation of the planning program

has a lot of planning and promotion company specializing in the Forum Forum at present, plan to do just perfect will get a multiplier effect, I engaged in the forum planning work also has many years of experience, here to share with you how we should do the forum planning, how to provide a forum to promote the complete solution for our enterprise customers.

, project description

said the simple point is that you need to do this kind of thing to say about. Project description of the main three things clear: first, promotion of content, through communication with customers, understand their needs, determine the focus on the promotion of content, such as customer brand, a product and so on; second, promotion time, this is your promotion plan required for the duration of the need to say clearly; third, promotion goal what is the need to achieve the effect, such as improving the enterprise’s reputation and awareness, promote the audience’s understanding of the product, realize the benign interaction with the potential audience, preference and so on, why did you choose your customers to provide services to them, because you can help him achieve these goals.

two, audience analysis

said here the audience is our customers, to understand this type of crowd habits, what are they doing on the Internet, love what website, interested in what, know these can help us develop the next strategy.

three, promotion strategy

promotion strategy we have to think from the following three aspects, so there is a complete set of ideas.

Generalization of

1. For example, we promote a product, we need to understand the function of this product is what, what is the advantage for the interests of, what is it, this is the basis of strategy.

2 promotion ideas. Here you need to explain your entire promotion of a general idea, for example, your strategy is to focus on customer needs, the delivery of product information, or through experience sharing to attract the eye, causing resonance, etc..

3 forum selection. As the name suggests, is that you can choose the type of this forum, needless to say.

four, promotion planning

I in the description of the project mentioned in the whole project promotion time, we need to put this time is divided into several stages, each stage of the product is not the same, or every stage of the promotion of the focus is not the same, according to the different emphasis, we write the theme stickers and posted in the forum also has the difference the.

five, topic ideas

The idea is to

topic according to our products to the demands of the point, and combined with the current social hot spot, we determine each stage of a topic, and then according to the theme of writing, this step is very important, how to generate ideas in my topic "website promotion scheme: community self hype" (see is too detailed, here is not.

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