Baidu encyclopedia experience sharing

do network promotion website webmaster to know Baidu encyclopedia in Baidu’s weight is very high, so there are many webmaster want through the Baidu encyclopedia entry to bring weight, flow and certain brand promotion value for your website. But now the Baidu encyclopedia is difficult to create, we look at Taobao or some soft text publishing institutions, has been the entry of Baidu encyclopedia as soft text distribution channels, less than dozens, hundreds of. Many friends also try to create their own, can have a high success rate of 10%. So, how to quickly create a Baidu Wikipedia entry, after a period of exploration, have some experience, that is not to say the book, equipment manufacturing Xiaobian believe: as long as the master of the three detail below, will be audited by the probability of a large number of.

There are three factors that influence the rate of

Baidu Encyclopedia: account factors; how to add URL; content layout factors. And the corresponding to each important factors of equipment manufacturing market will introduce how to operate, as well as some tips in operation.

a, Baidu account

Baidu product characteristics believe that we all know, the higher the account level, the greater the chance of passing. For example, Baidu know inside, to add a web site, two accounts are not the following, and a friend of the thirteen account, you can add at any time every day of the site’s Q & A. Similarly, the creation of Baidu Encyclopedia also has an impact on this. After testing, the following five accounts belong to a level, that is, you have to do at least 100 entries, in order to become a high-level account, so insist on maintaining the account is very important.

revealed some small tips to keep Wikipedia account:

daily encyclopedia to create the entry limit is 100 minutes, you need to find a lot of words, such as a large number of Chinese code words, can also go to some books and websites, there are a large number of books and movies, there are a large number of recipes and so on, simply copy over new typesetting can create 20 words every day there should be no problem.

and edit entries 600 points you need to find a trick, which is the easiest way to correct words, if your Chinese is good enough, you can use this method to get high scores. The second is to organize the title (do not change the big changes). Once again is the use of your creation of the etymology of the word to add, for example, some of the film class entries may have been created, the content may be insufficient, so you can add. In addition, to other Wikipedia platform to find information, the rate is also high.

two, how to add URL

add the URL in the entry, is the most important part of our promotional website, without this, it is difficult to bring direct traffic and weight transfer. Riga in the content of the site is basically impossible, it is generally recommended in the reference.

here are a few tips plus URL:

1, add reference data link. Such a web site, do >

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