Domestic O2O enterprise E bag wash completed 100 million financing Baidu lead

[Abstract]e bag wash will be used to subsidize the user funds, the introduction of domestic and foreign professionals from all walks of life, while expanding the small e Butler team, to create a neighborhood service ecosystem to build the foundation.


Tencent science and technology news (Lei Jianping) August 5th news, e bag wash today announced the completion of $100 million financing, the current round of financing led by Baidu investment, Jingwei China, SIG with investment. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

e bag wash has been an angel investment in the Tencent, in November 2014, and announced the Matrix latitude and longitude to get a total of $twenty million A round of investment in SIG. This is also the latest round of financing e bag wash.

e bag wash was launched in November 28, 2013, chairman Zhang Rongyao attracted Baidu product manager to become CEO, the rapid formation of a thousand team. E bag wash is mainly crowdsourcing business model, to the community as the unit for the construction of the logistics team, that is, in each community to recruit 40, 50, and 60 of the community as the logistics personnel.

e bag wash customers are mainly young people, such as 80. According to informed sources, e wash bags from each community recruited more than 2 "as a" small housekeeper next door neighbours "e" for the user e wash bags offer service, previously mainly concentrated in door-to-door clothing, the future will expand to other services ecosystem services on the neighborhood.

talked about the use of the financing, e bags wash chairman Zhang Rongyao said, will the funds for subsidies, the introduction of talent from the industry users at home and abroad, while expanding the "small e housekeeper" team, create a neighborhood service ecosystem build the foundation for the. E bag wash program in 2016 its small e Butler will develop to 200 thousand.

e bag will also be through the investment and the establishment of the division of the way to improve the construction of the entire service ecosystem. At present, e bag washing laundry business, has opened the washing shoes, curtains, luxury maintenance services.

In addition to this,

is expanding the appliance repair, shared kitchen and other strategic investments. E bag wash inside has started a new entrepreneurial team incubation, the introduction of community home care services to accompany parents".

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