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on the network I is a small webmaster, in reality I am an ordinary man, a network in real life, a lot of websites offline promotion articles on the Internet, in life are you aware? The following is "soft" webmaster in real life on the website offline marketing experience sharing:

1 newspaper advertising, newspaper advertising, the site has just started in general do newspaper advertising, a little strength can do newspapers advertising, with the popularity of business cooperation can be combined to do image ads, in Fuzhou, where the site the basic pattern of qualitative, combined with many of the activities of a website with a business advertising information newspaper! There are many small sites do newspaper ads! Soft advertising has been largely well-known website


2 billboard, when a website planning, development to a certain stage, when there is a stable income, will inevitably choose advertising signs, advertising signs should be combined with the specific circumstances of a website, Fuzhou catering websites such as on the choice of advertising signs in the street near the bustling crowd, the young people go shopping mostly, the effect is very good!

3.LED large screen advertising, this generally have a certain economic strength, because of LED large screen advertising are set in the downtown area are expensive, large crowds, traffic is also big, propaganda is very effective, a well-known Fuzhou convenience network where ads for


4 name card or advertising leaflets, in Fuzhou Lijia IT market often see some well-known IT website name card and leaflets, in the city of Fuzhou University in Fuzhou also saw a part-time student website flyer! Can also see a catering website name card in the restaurant and Shaxian County snacks


5 office office is now advertising promotion, the hardest hit, the office must pay promotion or advertising company operation and consultation with the property, in the office there is hair name card publicity catering and real estate websites advertising, LED advertising office every day to be brainwashed, free website catering discount newspaper advertising free, recruitment information website advertising posts in a prominent position of a real estate advertising information website


6 small advertising, small advertising to negotiate with the property and security, more in the real estate information website community bulletin boards, more convenient service sites in the corridor and tutoring website


7 bus radio publicity, rush hour, often hear the preferential information on food and beverage sites, well-known local community portal activities information, etc.

web site under the promotion of a lot of ways, the webmaster live in reality, you are under the promotion of other web site it? Do you choose the line for your own website promotion?

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