Do not follow the trend of a mature company to do the brand you can not learn

first, the first few easy to make mistakes

1, the start-up market and the company’s brand confusion

over the past 10 years, China’s economic development does not depend on the brand. Walk past is puerile way. China’s population base is too large, then do not need to do the brand, as long as the things produced enough money. As long as the brain is not stupid, hard work can earn money. So the past eat is puerile demographic dividend, we have no brand awareness.

and the next 10 years, people around the brand will be more and more. Because the next 10 years, the business environment is undergoing tremendous changes, that is, to the brand, we are required to produce things out of the production of 5 cents, to find ways to become a piece of money through the brand to sell things. The role of the brand is not a hammer, but in the process of repeated purchase of the brand recognition. We have to understand the nature of the business, when you realize that the brand can bring a premium to your product, you must do it, you do not, others will do.

2, the company’s brand and mature brand confusion

last time a friend asked me, they are a start-up company, want to do good cause marketing. For each product, donate 10 Fen to children in poor areas. My friend asked me what I thought, and I said I didn’t think so. Because a start-up company in the mature brand to do. Come up with a mature brand, learn mature brand, not the start-up phase of this study.

a start-up company to do the "good reason" marketing, to make donations, first of all others have to know who you are, because the donation is based on a large base. Similar Nongfushangquan, water bottle to donate a penny to the poverty-stricken areas of the mother water cellar, which was built in the very large sales base on. I think the "good" marketing is based on a mature brand to do things, can increase the enterprise reputation.

as a start-up company, others even you who do not know, to do good cause marketing plan, in fact, is a waste of resources and the efficiency of the entire business waste. The most important thing at this stage is to let people know you!

brand growth in five stages:

first stage: discovery;

second stages: understanding;

third stages: remember;

fourth stages: like;

fifth stages: forget.

for a mature brand or brand, the need to do the following two stages. For the newly established brand, was discovered, was recognized, was remembered, the first three stages of the matter more. So create a brand, do not follow the big brands are doing those actions. To be clear, the brand is not consistent with the stage of brand building and brand.

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