Zhou Hongyi’s three dare not dare to think of themselves as giants


what is Zhou Hongyi afraid of

compared to the competitors to campaign, Zhou Hongyi more afraid of company lost the vitality of innovation and user support.



Sha Lei

"never dared to think of himself as a giant".

in the dare to leave, do not dare to use WeChat, Zhou Hongyi dished out third dare not".

this "dare", that he is afraid. Zhou Hongyi afraid of what? In September 16th, Tencent $448 million strategic stake in sogou. Zhou Hongyi is facing the competitive environment is more dangerous: Tencent, Baidu, Jinshan, Sogou formed the "BTJS group" 360 full-scale formation is already listed, has always been a weak mentality challenge giant Zhou Hongyi, this was a real minority. But Zhou Hongyi is not timid, but still a war, Sogou, Jinshan, Baidu, Tencent…… The stronger the enemy, the stronger his morale.

November 19th, Zhou Hongyi at the China University of Political Science and Law titled "why can’t Jobs China Internet monopoly and Silicon Valley" the spirit of sharing, at Chinese personality weakness, follow the worship of success and fear of failure, do not dare to challenge the head, this is the attitude of subversion giant, why not Jobs Chinese.

should say, Zhou Hongyi is not afraid of challenge. From his many international speech, he called for 80, 90 open competition, business model innovation, the Internet is no longer just call several dreary mountains, is no longer twenty years after ten years after they help after 70 or 60 after "old cuisine" in the table pointing. He leave no successor to the domestic Internet profession’s situation with deep concern.

as a challenger, Zhou Hongyi also shows his extraordinary ability. In 2006, Zhou Hongyi resorted to "free" banner, 360 security guards occupied by entrenched security market rising, Kingsoft and other mainstream manufacturers in the first half of time. As a pioneer of free security ", Zhou Hongyi believes that the user is free to hit the pain point, your user experience more than others, you are good to the user, whether competitors by what means to attack you, can continue to erode the market, forcing the mainstream manufacturers continue to retreat from the market and successfully win.

currently, 360 can enjoy this market – the market coverage of nearly 90%, for more than 700 million Internet users to provide free internet security and PC Internet and mobile Internet products and services. The problem is, with 90% of the market, have again defeated rival Zhou Hongyi, but more than ever to anxiety.

in the event, Zhou Hongyi realized that he is very difficult to guarantee the company after will always keep innovation, he more than once in the internal meeting to staff stressed: he is not worried about the giant siege, he is concerned about the internal problems, finally defeated.

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