Who is the biggest shareholder behind BAT Not Robin Li Ma and Ma Huateng

At present,

Tencent, Alibaba value in Internet technology circle is one of the best, and the well-known Tencent, the largest shareholder of the Alibaba group was not behind Ma Huateng and ma.

in fact, like drops, Jingdong, etc. these technologies accounted for the largest proportion of Internet Co is not the founder or CEO. However, the proportion of shares does not represent the number of decision-making authority. Today, the small I to take a look at these small Internet Co technology behind the major shareholders.

in the early days of Tencent, IDG and PCCW Tencent to invest $2 million 200 thousand, each accounted for 20% shares of the Tencent, Ma Huateng and the team holding 60%. Since then, South Africa MIH Group acquired a portion of the shares of the Tencent Inc from PCCW and Tencent founder team.


Prior to the listing of

in 2004, the restructuring of the shareholding structure of Tencent, MIH and entrepreneurial team were holding 50%. According to a report from the media in January, said that at present, the South African MIH group holds 33.93% stake in Tencent, Ma Huateng holdings of $10.22%, less than MIH’s $1/3.

fortunately, South Africa MIH group for Ma Huateng to give full confidence to start up shares of the voting rights, so Ma Huateng holds shares in the Tencent although the proportion is not high, but the specific management of the company mainly by him and several co-founder is responsible for.

, according to media reports, the largest shareholder of Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li is not a company, Baidu from the founder to the market before conducted a total of three rounds of financing, from the United States investment fund Dfj are major investors. When Baidu listed, the proportion of German owned shares has reached 25.8%. Robin Li Holdings 22.9%.

at that time, Baidu executives team holds 43.5% of the company’s shares, of which Robin Li personal stake of 22.4%, the largest individual shareholders. According to Baidu’s 2012 annual report, Robin Li shareholding ratio of 15.98%, his wife Ma Dongmin holdings of $4.8%.

Although Robin Li and Ma Dongmin

share for a total of 20.78%, less than Dfj, but the U.S. stock market to allow "double framework AB shares", through the model of Robin Li and Ma Dongmin to vote as high as 68.17%, firmly grasp control of the company.

believes that a lot of people are aware of the deeds of Sun Zhengyi Investment Ma, in 2012, Alibaba and YAHOO signed an agreement, the former to $7 billion 600 million to buy back the shares held by YAHOO Alibaba 20%. After the repurchase, YAHOO and Softbank stake were 24% and 31.9%, from Japan’s to become the largest shareholder of the Alibaba. As of May 20, 2016, the largest shareholder of Alibaba in Japan is still a venture capital company Softbank, shareholding proportion reached 32%.

according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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