2011 of the world’s most valuable inventory of social networking sites first

December 19th news, according to foreign media reports, foreign domain name service website (DN Journal) inventory of the 10 most valuable domain names in the year of 2011. Last year, Sex.com won $13 million. This year the market is relatively weak, the first only to shoot a $2 million 600 thousand.

need to be noted that the business (company) class site is not listed in this list. The following is a detailed list:


1 Social.com-$2600000 (SOCIAL)


2.DomainName.com-$1000000 (domain name)


3.Aktien.de (German stock) -$725000


4.VU.com (Virtual Talker) -$700000 (virtual dialogue)



6.Answer.com-$550000 (Q & A)


7 11.com-$525000 (digital, not explained)


8.Puzzle.com-$500000 (intelligence game)


9.GamesForGirls.com-$500000 (Girl Game exclusive)

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