Stationmaster net broadcast network video or bazaar closed unexpectedly Sohu and Sohu portal integra

1 bazaar closed network customer service phone lost consumer money dashuipiao  

December 16th, Liu decided to integral in the net last year saved the bazaar to buy gifts, let her surprise, bazaar network has closed, customer service hotlines. "Integral when I spent 2000 yuan to buy, when the feast was ready to send friends gifts, it was all for naught."

Liu was very angry, will this experience to micro-blog, should happen to have the same experience with her, "some friends in the year 8 in order to have the goods."

Reporters call the customer service telephone network

bazaar, told "the number has been suspended, the input network is displayed in the online bazaar," unknown domain name platform". Yesterday, reporters came to the company was located in Sanlitun SOHO office address, that had changed. The SOHO property service center staff said, in March 2014 moved from the bazaar. Found in the national enterprise credit information publicity system queries, Beijing bazaar Technology Co. Ltd. in July 20, 2015 was included in the list of operating anomalies date.

2 Zhang Zhaoyang do not want to let Sohu video or integration with the Sohu portal  

the story of "give up" is always repeated in the popular songs, in the cruel business environment, a similar scene is constantly staged.

to the end of the year, Sohu has become a "video song" theme in the imperceptibly. From the rumors of the acquisition to merge with competitors, the Sohu capital movements video rumors can be heard without end. In any case, Iqiyi, Tencent has been in hot pursuit and even catch up with the video, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang is indeed faced with a choice, is to continue to let go.

unlike other video sites are more or less behind the gold master support in the U.S. stock market has long been undervalued Sohu, lack of hematopoietic capacity, and now it is difficult to continue to continue to provide blood for the video.

and for now, Zhang Zhaoyang’s holdings plan, it is his "Big Plan" the first step, but also quite a story reversal feeling. Sohu internal, Sohu has also begun to appear signs of internal integration of video.

3 injection LETV LETV pictures, to know how much the valuation?  

December 5, 2015, LETV (300104.SZ) released "about planning a major reorganization of the suspension notice", announced the official launch of the "music studios" into the matter and promised within 30 calendar days (before January 5, 2016) disclosure scheme.

, how many music studios will be in what way into the valuation, the impact on the overall valuation of LETV


film music as background

Music Studios was founded in 2011, is LETV brothers, "

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