The characteristics and value of blog marketing

to understand the blog marketing, first of all to know what is blog. Blog, from the narrow sense understanding for the network diary, is public to express their views and ideas, for people to browse, can also browse the others online diary; broadly speaking, the blog is an open information platform, with the dissemination of knowledge and information from the main blog blogger, sharing features. Therefore, as a marketing method, the blog is favored by more and more enterprises.

blog marketing is a combination of blog and network marketing, a new way of online marketing through blog, blog articles will have a distinct corporate marketing color. When the enterprise encounters the blog, what will happen? Let the enterprise idea first, promote corporate culture, and then pass through the blog, or establish a brand? By product promotion and post emotion reached directly across the enterprise marketing form? What is the mode of establishing blog through to the rapid increase in traffic, attract visitors is self built blog? CEO, blog, or the third party blog platform? Which is more important? What is the value of blog marketing


blog marketing value

blog marketing is a kind of network public relations. Blog marketing through the specialization of the original, with soft Wen promotion enterprise’s brand and products, building trust visitors in the network, and through the blog to promote the brand and establish a positive image, influence visitors thinking and inertia imperceptibly, and stimulate consumption, to let visitors to buy.

when the online blog is no longer a simple personal log, more and more companies realize the role of the blog, that is, through the blog marketing can better help enterprises achieve the established goals.

blog marketing has the following characteristics:

1 blog is a tool for information dissemination and transmission

network marketing is the biggest feature is to allow information to be spread in the network, and through a multi-faceted perspective to make the information released more widely. The information transfer function of blog is the foundation of blog marketing.

2 blog article has flexibility

blog article autonomy is relatively strong, from the title to the content can be arranged according to the actual needs, more vulnerable to the user’s attention. Blog articles can also be shared platform, the use of tags, reprint, link, reference and other ways to get more attention, the efficiency of its promotion information is much higher than the corporate website.

3 zero cost promotion

There is no doubt that

is free to use blog to deliver information. The establishment of the blog, the release of the article, the label settings, Bowen’s reprint and reference are not required to pay the cost, so this promotion is more popular with the enterprise. For example, in the Alibaba’s annual "Ten Network" selection activities, each network will be through the blog mode to display their corporate image, and through the activities of the blog clicks will obviously increase, more > for the enterprise

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