How to add a batch of 600 precision customers a day through QQ

how to add 600 precise customer

a day through the marketing QQ

, a collection of accurate QQ data

method one: add the relevant industry class QQ group, you can add, you can also be on the pig eight quit or Taobao on behalf of the people to add, add a good group, with the QQ group members batch export tools will be QQ group members data export.

for example, do the bidding training, then you can enter the bidding on the QQ search panel, and then there will be a number of groups associated with the auction, as shown below:

and then add one, after adding the group, with the bulk of the QQ group members to export software, the group members QQ data export, as shown below:


and then select the export, the software will extract all the group member data to a TXT document inside.

two, the acquisition of peer QQ space visitors (including log, talk, album and other visitors data)

for example, you are selling stock software, then you can through the following three channels to collect relevant QQ data:

1, Baidu in the search box input: " shares", then there will be a lot of stock related QQ address, then the address space inside the QQ collection, as shown below:


2, inside the browser address bar enter the URL: "", then select "stock" on the left side of the classification of the popularity list, there are many relevant QQ data stock experts, views of these QQ space visitors every day is very big, you only need to collect down these experts QQ number, do for the extraction of their visitors to the next step, as shown below:


three, with the marketing QQ will be collected in front of the precise customer QQ code batch add

recommend here with the use of marketing QQ friends add device to achieve automatic batch plus friends operation, without manual intervention, 3 workers can send a maximum of 1000 times a day to add a friend request.

below is our use of marketing QQ batch add friends to demonstrate the operation of screenshots:


four, how to improve the marketing QQ plus friends pass rate

is mainly in the verification of information on the article, usually through a number of free information or some gifts, to attract people to pay attention to you.


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