Founder should pay attention to what the equity issue behind the divorce statement Baoqiang Wang di

(WeChat: ilieyun hunting cloud network [Chengdu] 08) 14 reports (text / Yin Zixuan)

today morning, Baoqiang Wang released a statement through micro-blog, and pointed out that his wife, Ma Rong derailed his agent, Mr. Song Zhe.

of course, the focus of hunting cloud network is not behind this section of entertainment gossip Mengliao, but Baoqiang Wang change hands this year three companies frequent equity.

was the first popular science, three companies owned by Baoqiang Wang are: "Beijing Bao Yirong Film Company Limited", "happy television media Wuxi Co. Ltd., Gongqing Joho Yirong investment management partnership".

1) Beijing Bao Yirong Film Company Limited

Beijing Bao Yirong television media Co. Ltd. in the studio of Baoqiang Wang led the establishment, the legal representative is Ma Rong Ma Rong, President of the micro-blog certification is the Beijing Bao Yirong film co.. The company has successfully produced the box office breaking 800 million "Chinatown adventures" and other works, Baoqiang Wang’s March transition to do "havoc" Tianzhu, Chupin film is Beijing Bao Yirong pictures.

and this year, the company has experienced two asset changes.

in March this year, Ma Rong’s 75% stake in the proportion of the change to the number of Baoqiang Wang, 13%, by the end of the year, the proportion of the proportion of the shares of the company was changed to be in the form of A. Ma Rong after the change of equity ratio is zero; and in April 19th, after a round of changes, the company changed to Baoqiang Wang and Gongqing Joho Yirong investment management partnership. Ma Rong and Song Zhe share is zero.

2) television media Wuxi Co. Ltd.

this "happy Wuxi television media Co. Ltd. was established in 2014, is Ma Rong in the limited liability company (corporate owned) form, Ma Rong, chairman. In 2015 the company has changed to "limited liability company".

2015 shareholders changed to: "Beijing Bao Yirong television media Co., Ltd." and "Zhejiang Zhuji sunwy Media Co. ltd.". "Happy Wuxi television media Co. Ltd. is director Baoqiang Wang’s movie" havoc "Chupin tianzhu.

3) Gongqing Joho Yirong investment management partnership

this investment company was founded in 2016, the legal representative for Baoqiang Wang, registered capital of 3 million 200 thousand yuan. In May, the company also experienced a change in equity.

$3 million 200 thousand investor changes from Baoqiang Wang 1 million 200 thousand, Song Zhe, 1 million, to the number of the

, to the 1 million 200 thousand of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year, to the number of the people of the world, and to the number of the people of the world, and to the

at the same time, "Komsomolsk" foreign investment "Beijing Bao Yirong", "Beijing Bao Yirong" foreign investment "happy".

combed down, now the Song Zhe has no relationship with the three companies. Ma Rong "Komsomolsk" shareholders invested 1 million, accounting for 31.25%, as a shareholder; no shares accounted for.

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