Since the media money scene electricity supplier dream how far

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this is an attractive picture:

you can choose WeChat advertising self-service platform access point through a wide, in his public account to sell advertising to make money. The on-line advertising system has not yet been time and again, the Spring Festival online, it is said the 10 day time for the account operator income of 10000 yuan, the public accounts of the logic of thinking first;

you can also use "micro shop" such a mobile phone shop App, a WeChat version of the Taobao store, do business acquaintances business, since the media has already with public sales do daily income is 33 thousand yuan;

for many from the media (in "public subscription number" on the WeChat platform), WeChat this platform is really ready to make money from the media operators of


or we can bold speculation, whether it is for the public launch of advertising program, or to allow "micro shop" such as mobile application providers access the WeChat platform, C2C based electricity supplier service green light, all of these initiatives are hidden in WeChat’s "self": "/p>

is the number of public operators eyes "carrot" — to increase advertising revenue to import traffic, and increased traffic to WeChat means more commercial space; rise of "micro shop" C2C "Taobao store", and most recently WeChat for service, launched the "WeChat store" service to some extent, are training users in WeChat "Taobao" out of habit, B2C on the WeChat platform after "Tmall" to pave the way for.

ad initial experience

"every day a secret, dress collocation secret", this is a women’s fashion brand shopping guide network "love figure purchase" text ads, links at the bottom of the WeChat subscription number, including "hearsay" article. During the Spring Festival this year, "hearsay" dozens of media public number and content, invited to participate in the Tencent, the effect of the advertising platform wide point for WeChat and WeChat jointly launched a number of public products in online advertising effect.

beta, form of advertising is to open a text link at the bottom of the WeChat subscription number teletext news page, click on the ads after landing, can be "love figure purchase" the need to promote public account page, can also be a public number under article details page.

Tencent according to official data, the average click in the public account online advertising rate is 3.5%, each click can bring to the public number to 5 cents earnings, during the closed beta does not participate in a wide stop into any number of public operators to return completely.

Tencent official on the advertising system is the latest statement in May this year. The general manager of Tencent, the effect of the advertising platform Department Luo Zheng said outside, WeChat public advertising is still in a very early stage beta, on the number of advertisers are strictly controlled, haven’t started, from now after the Spring Festival is just to go through the entire process. He also through

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