Net 2015 the third batch of cases announced WeChat QQ cloud disk into the hardest hit

further curb micro area pornographic information dissemination spread

– the national anti pornography Office released the net net 2015 special action group third cases dealt with the situation June 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Shi Jingnan) National pornography office announced the 1 "net net 2015 special action group: third cases investigated 5 cases involving" micro field ", through the circle of friends, with WeChat QQ group spread through the cloud disk storage, dissemination of pornographic videos a huge number of obvious characteristics, especially serious social harmfulness.

According to

, "the micro field" to further curb the spread of pornographic information spread, the national pornography office has been deployed since May 25th, 2 months to carry out a "micro" focus on remediation requirements involving Micro Internet companies strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, carry out online pornography information cleaning, criminals to crack down on the spread of pornographic information, serious legal liability of illegal Internet involving micro enterprises and related responsible persons, should be investigated in the end of micro-blog, WeChat, microscopic, cloud disk, the transmission chain and resolutely cut off the interest chain. By focusing on remediation, promote net net action carried out in depth, effectively purify cyberspace.

net net 2015 special action to investigate the case of the third batch is as follows:

– Tianjin "3· 10" for the sale of pornographic materials. April 2015, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau of public security management team in conjunction with the Tanggu branch successfully cracked the use of 360 cloud disk dissemination of pornographic material gang case. After investigation, the end of February this year to the end of March, the suspect Lee Jeong together with WeChat in the circle of friends for sale of pornographic videos containing 360 cloud disk account. The account stored in the file 39883, identified by pornographic videos and pictures. At present, the case has been identified on line 3 suspects, line 4 suspects, involving Tianjin, Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu 4 provinces, with the sale of pornographic videos "360 cloud disk account sales to 10 provinces and cities nationwide, cloud storage disk capacity of more than 100 T. The case is being further investigated.

– Nanjing, Jiangsu, "12·, 15" online dissemination of pornographic materials case. December 2014, according to the Nanjing municipal comprehensive law enforcement corps report, found a group called video group QQ group, members of more than 300 people, the group contains a large number of pornographic photos album. The group of host fixed time every day to pornographic video playing in the group, still SkyDrive and Baidu cloud 360 cloud disk upload a large number of pornographic videos. December 15th, the Nanjing municipal comprehensive law enforcement corps, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Qinhuai branch set up a task force to investigate the case. This is a preliminary investigation, the use of SkyDrive to upload pornographic information, and then through the sale of SkyDrive account password, stratified sale dissemination of pornographic information for profit.